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Welcome to Mushpedia, a comprehensive, English community resource for the browser game Mush by Motion Twin.

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  • 13:57, 17 April 2014 (MDT): Game Modes is now actually a real article and templates for the game modes have been added: Icon Bronze, Icon Silver, Icon Gold etc. Use them!
  • 14:44, 13 March 2014 (MDT): Beginning to fill the Episodes page with information about the upcoming episode, gathering information from the French beta castings. The character pages for Icon Derek Hogan and Icon Andie Graham are online!
  • 11:06, 11 February 2014 (MST): The Item page system is finished! Your help (yes, yours!) is needed in creating the new item pages. Visit this page for more info!

Zones Research NERON Projects Equipment Characters Illnesses

Zone Caverns
Zone Cristalite
Zone Desert
Zone Forest
Zone High Temperatures
Zone Hydrocarbon Deposits
Zone Insects
Zone Intelligent Life
Zone Landing
Zone Low Temperatures
Zone MIA
Zone Mankarogs
Zone Mountains
Zone Oceanic
Zone Orchard
Zone Oxygen
Zone Predators
Zone Ruins
Zone Ruminants
Zone Seismic Activity
Zone Shipwreck
Zone Strong Winds
Zone Swamp
Zone Volcanoes

Research project Anabolics
Research project Antispore Gas
Research project Constipaspore Serum
Research project Meridon Scrambler
Research project Mushicide Soap
Research project Mushovore Bacteria
Research project Mush-Hunter: ZC16H
Research project Mush Language
Research project Mush Races
Research project Mush Reproductive System
Research project MycoAlarm
Research project Mycoscan
Research project Narcotics Distiller
Research project Natamy Rifle
Research project NCC Contact Lenses
Research project Patuline Scrambler
Research project Perpetual Hydration
Research project Pheromodem
Research project Retro-Fungal Serum
Research project Spore Sucker
Research project Super Calculator
Research project Tesla SUP2X
Research project Ultra-Healing Pomade

NERON project Anomaly Detector
NERON project Anti-gravity Thrusters
NERON project Armored Corridors
NERON project Automatic Sprinklers
NERON project Auxiliary Terminal
NERON project Bay Door XXL
NERON project Blaster Gun
NERON project Convenient Sink
NERON project CPU Overclocking
NERON project Defective Piston Sensors
NERON project Dismantler
NERON project Extra Drone
NERON project Extra Hydropots
NERON project Fire Detector
NERON project Fission Coffee Roaster
NERON project General Patching Up
NERON project Heat Lamps
NERON project Hydroponic Incubator
NERON project Large Bay Upgrade
NERON project Launch Propulsion System
NERON project Magnetic Net
NERON project Magnetic Return
NERON project NERON Participation
NERON project Oxygenated Ducts
NERON project Plasma Shield
NERON project Pneumatic Distributor
NERON project Quantum Sensors
NERON project Rerouted Charges
NERON project Spatial Wave Radar
NERON project Teslatron Reservoir
NERON project Trail Minimizer

Auxiliary NERON Terminal
BIOS Terminal
Coffee Machine
Command Terminal
Comms Center
Combustion Chamber
Emergency Reactor
Fuel Tank
Gravity Simulator
Lateral Reactor
NERON's Core
Narcotic Distiller
Oxygen Tank
Patrol Ship
Planet Scanner
Research Lab
Surgery Pod
Turret Command

Icon Andie
Icon Chao
Icon Chun
Icon Derek
Icon Eleesha
Icon Finola
Icon Frieda
Icon Gioele
Icon Hua
Icon Ian
Icon Janice
Icon Jin Su
Icon Kuan Ti
Icon Paola
Icon Raluca
Icon Roland
Icon Stephen
Icon Terrence

Injury 3rd degree burns over 50% of your body
Injury 3rd degree burns over 90% of your body
Disease Acid Reflux
Disorder Agoraphobia
Disorder Ailurophobia
Disease Black Bite
Injury Broken Finger
Injury Broken Leg
Injury Broken Ribs
Injury Bruised Shoulder
Injury Burnt Arms
Injury Burnt Hand
Injury Burst Nose
Injury Busted Arm Joint
Injury Busted Shoulder
Disease Cat Allergy
Disorder Chronic Migraine
Disorder Chronic Vertigo
Disease Cold
Disorder Coprolalia
Disorder Crabism
Injury Critical Haemorrage
Injury Damaged Ears
Disorder Depression
Injury Destroyed ears
Injury Disfunctional Liver
Disease Flu
Disease Food Poisoning
Disease Fungic Infection
Disease Gastroenteritis
Injury Haemorrhage
Injury Implanted bullet
Injury Inner Ear Damaged
Disease Junkbumpkinitis
Injury Mashed Foot
Disease Migraine
Disease Mush allergy
Injury Open-Air Brain
Disorder Paranoia
Disorder Psychotic Episodes
Injury Punctured Lung
Disease Rejuvenation
Disease Rubella
Disease Sepsis
Disease Sinus Storm
Disease Skin Inflammation
Disease Slight Nausea
Disease Smallpox
Injury Smashed Arms
Injury Smashed Legs
Disease Space Rabies
Disorder Spleen
Disease Tapeworm
Injury Torn Tongue
Disorder Vertigo
Disease Vitamin Deficiency
Disorder Weapon Phobia


Xyloph Database Version
Xyloph Database Nothing
Xyloph Database Magnetite
Xyloph Database Ghost Chun
Xyloph Database Blueprints
Xyloph Database Kivanc
Xyloph Database Ghost Sample
Xyloph Database Finola's List
Xyloph Database Cook
Xyloph Database Snow
Xyloph Database Mage Books
Xyloph Database Disk
Rebel Bases Wolf
Rebel Bases Sirius
Rebel Bases Centauri
Rebel Bases Kaladaan
Rebel Bases Luyten-Ceti
Rebel Bases Cygni


Icon Adjustable Wrench
Icon Alien Bottle Opener
Icon Alien Holographic TV
Icon Alien Steak
Icon Anti-Grav Scooter
Icon Babel Module
Icon Bandage
Icon Blaster
Icon Block of Post-it Notes
Icon Blueprint
Icon Camera
Icon Coffee
Icon Cooked Ration
Icon Dose of Anabolics
Icon Drill
Icon Duct Tape
Icon EchoLocator
Icon Extinguisher
Icon Fuel Capsule
Icon Grenade
Icon Hacker Kit
Icon HydroPot
Icon Invertebrate Shell
Icon iTrakie
Icon Jar of Alien Oil
Icon Knife
Icon Lenses
Icon Lizaro Jungle
Icon Lombrick Bar
Icon Lunchbox
Icon MAD Kube
Icon Mage Book
Icon Magellan Liquid Map
Icon Medikit
Icon Microwave
Icon Mush Genome Disk
Icon Mush Sample
Icon Myco-Alarm
Icon Natamy Rifle

Icon Old Faithful
Icon Old T-Shirt
Icon Organic Waste
Icon Oscilloscope
Icon Oxygen Capsule
Icon Plastenite Armor
Icon Plastic Scraps
Icon Printed Circuit Jelly
Icon Proactive Puffed Rice
Icon Protective Gloves
Icon Quadrimetric Compass
Icon Retro-Fungal Serum
Icon Rocket Launcher
Icon Rolling Boulder
Icon Rope
Icon Schrödinger
Icon Scrap Metal
Icon Sniper's Helmet
Icon Soap
Icon Space Capsule
Icon Spaced Potato
Icon Spacesuit
Icon Spore Sucker
Icon Stainproof Apron
Icon Standard Ration
Icon Starmap Fragment
Icon Super Soaper
Icon Superfreezer
Icon SuperVitamin Bar
Icon Support Drone
Icon Survival Kit
Icon Swedish Sofa
Icon Tabulatrix
Icon Thermos of Coffee
Icon Thermosensor
Icon Thick Tube
Icon Tracker
Icon Walkie Talkie
Icon Water Stick
Icon White Flag

Human Skills

Icon Antique Perfume
Icon Apprentice
Icon Astrophysicist
Icon Biologist
Icon Botanist
Icon Caffeine Junkie
Icon Chef
Icon Cold Blooded
Icon Confident
Icon Crazy Eye
Icon Creative
Icon Designer
Icon Detached Crewmember
Icon Devotion
Icon Determined
Icon Diplomat
Icon Expert
Icon Firefighter
Icon Frugivore
Icon Genius
Icon Green Thumb
Icon Intimidating
Icon IT Expert
Icon Leader
Icon Lethargy
Icon Logistics Expert
Icon Mankind's only hope
Icon Medic
Icon Metalworker
Icon Mycologist

Icon NERON's only friend
Icon Nurse
Icon Observant
Icon OCD
Icon Opportunist
Icon Panic
Icon Paranoid
Icon Physicist
Icon Pilot
Icon Polyvalent
Icon Premonition
Icon Radio Expert
Icon Rebel
Icon Robotics Expert
Icon Self-sacrifice
Icon Shooter
Icon Shrink
Icon Sneak
Icon Solid
Icon Sprinter
Icon Strateguru
Icon Survivalist
Icon Technician
Icon The Optimist
Icon Torturer
Icon Tracker
Icon U-Turn
Icon Victimizer
Icon Wrestler

Mush Skills

Icon Anonymush
Icon Bacteriophiliac
Icon Defacer
Icon Demoralize
Icon Doorman
Icon Fertile
Icon Fungal Kitchen
Icon Green Jelly
Icon Hard Boiled
Icon Infector
Icon Massive Mushification
Icon Mycelium Spirit
Icon Bypass
Icon NERON Depression
Icon Nightmarish
Icon Nimble Fingers
Icon Ninja
Icon Phagocyte
Icon Pyromaniac
Icon Radio Pirate
Icon Saboteur
Icon Slimetrap
Icon Splashproof
Icon Traitor
Icon Transfer
Icon Trapper

Gold Projects

Purchased Gold Project ACTOPI Protocol
Purchased Gold Project Dynarcade
Purchased Gold Project Jukebox
Purchased Gold Project Nano-ladybugs
Purchased Gold Project Noise Reducer
Purchased Gold Project Scrap Heap
Purchased Gold Project SNC Kitchen
Purchased Gold Project Targeting Assist
Purchased Gold Project Thalasso
Purchased Gold Project Underfloor Heating

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