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Jiang hua portrait.jpg
Hua sprite.png Jiang Hua
Hua earns 3 Glory every time you go to explore a planet
1 Icon Pilot
2 Icon Botanist
3 Icon Survivalist
4 Icon Technician
5 Icon Determined
6 Icon U-Turn
Position on title lists:
#7 Icon Commander
#12 Icon NERON Administrator
#7 Icon Communications Officer

Specialist in approach missions to unknown planets, Hua can land on pretty much any surface in any conditions. She was aboard the Epygron, the first exploration vessel to encounter extra-terrestrial life.

How to play

Hua is the only character who is guaranteed to have Pilot. As such, she usually serves as one of the main pilots besides Icon Roland, and is expected to help with Hunter removal and scrap gathering. Her personal glory is earnt by going on expeditions, however, and most of her skills are aimed at improving the outcome of said expeditions.

From Icon Silver onward, she can also adapt secondary roles with her Botanist and Technician skills. The Pilot - Technician combo in particular should be noted as a good way for an active Hua to prevent bad endings even on less active ships, because she can provide both the defenses and the PILGRED repairs required to get them back to Sol.

Icon Bronze

Icon Pilot: Hua's core skill, this versatile ability gives you a front seat for any planned expeditions as well as the ability to deal with Hunters. A Bronze Hua will want this skill 90% of the time!
Icon Botanist: Allows Hua to gain more fruits from expeditions as well as saving some Action Point when tending to the plants aboard the Daedalus. Generally not a good bronze pick even if Icon Ian is inactive, however, because you can be a gardener without it.
Icon Survivalist: Lowers the damage taken on expeditions and improves Icon Alien Steak gains. OK but not worth taking as your only skill.
Icon Technician: Improves the efficiency of ship repairs and allows you to reinforce any equipment aboard the ship. Worth considering only if you ship has multiple pilots and no Technician, otherwise you should take Pilot and focus on gathering scrap metal.
Icon Determined: This skill causes the percentage chance of success for an action to go up faster each time you fail it. Only viable with Technician.
Icon U-Turn: Hua's only unique skill. Allows her to cancel an expedition for 2 Action Point. It could be argued that a highly-coordinated ship could benefit from this skill to take riskier expeditions, but picking this over Pilot or Technician would be silly.

Icon Silver

Icon Pilot / Icon Botanist OR Icon Survivalist: Gives Hua a bonus for any expedition she goes on. Botanist provides more utility back on the ship, especially if you can be around each Cycle 8 to help with plants, but Survivalist means more Action Point generated thanks to all the Steak you'll be pulling in.
Icon Pilot / Icon Technician: Allows you to fill two core roles aboard the Daedalus, defense and maintenance / PILGRED repair. However, piloting is an Action Point-intensive job so you'll often be stretched thin (or eating), and relying on your free repair points to fix things.
Icon Technician / Icon Determined: A possibility if your ship is somehow swimming in pilots but in desperate need of repairs. Even then, however, Pilot is likely better than Determined on longer ships due to your versatility.
Icon Pilot / Icon U-Turn: Allows Hua to fill in as an "improvised" Icon Diplomat on expeditions. While you won't be able to prevent fight events, you will be able to return to the Daedalus once you have achieved your objective or when a crewmember drops to a dangerously low amount of health.

Icon Gold

Hua has a great, versatile skillset by level four. If you want U-Turn, drop Technician so you can focus entirely on expeditions. However, if your ship has no technicians you should instead drop Botanist or Survivalist for those emergency repairs such as the Oxygen Tanks or Lateral Reactors.

Icon Mush

Hua's strengths as a Mush mostly come from her skills. Being a Icon Pilot and possible Icon Technician usually means she is too important to be killed over a loose suspicion. And permanent access to spaceships gives her the option to fly off with a few crucial items in hand, or go on a suicide trip with the Icarus - IF doing that is really enough to kill the Daedalus at a given time (it usually isn't) or the only thing left to do.
  • Doing repairs as a Technician is a great excuse for becoming Icon Dirty, hurt, and losing Action Point on "failed attempts".
  • "Accidentally" shooting a transport ship with a good trade will make it leave at the end of cycle. This can actually happen if people forget to select a target. And others may not even notice the damage.
  • She might get into trouble when people ask her to eat in order to gain a few quick Action Point and fly... unless she can imitate the Action Point gain with Icon Phagocyte.
    • Also be aware that everyone can see how many shots were fired from a patroller by examining it.
One personal specialty of Hua would be that she has reason to go on lots of expeditions, and has access to Icon Survivalist, which in combination makes her a very good Icon Traitor.

Useful tips

  • Hua's strength is her bountiful expeditions. Make sure Icon Frieda is doing her job!
  • Unless you can get your hands on something even better like Icon Shooter, ask for the Icon Chef magebook. This will let you freeze most of the steaks you bring from your expeditions for free and analyze the properties of alien fruit.


Born on Earth.
Hua is accepted into the Copernik institute of exploration. There she studies with talented professors such as GL Maubrick and Nil Carlsson. Despite a genuine interest in the study of extraterrestrial biosphere, Jiang Hua shows more talent in the domain of surface exploration. She carries out several missions on Charon and Neptune where she learns to operate Class B reconnaissance ships.
Jiang Hua misses the contest to be a part of the Gonzak crew heading for Epsilon-Indi. She continues her studies into extra-terrestrial botany then leaves on the Epygron heading for Lalande 21185 to explore the two remaining unknown planets in the system.
While carrying out routine analyses on Naumachia, Hua is attacked by a local life form. Her companion is killed, but Hua managed to hunt down the attacker. Despite sustaining a leg wound, she managed to make it back aboard the Epygron. Following the incident, no sign of life is detected on the planet.
Under the orders of Kim Jin-Su, Hua took part in the exploration of Tau-Ceti. She is the only pilot who is capable of guaranteeing risk-free landings on planetary bodies rich in boxylium. During this expedition, Hua discovers another 3 forms of extra-solar plant life, one of which is capable of surviving in areas without water.
Upon her return to Earth, Hua is bankrolled by ChangMei-Tech to design and test a new surface vessel. She and her team move to Xyloph-17 which was already the base for the Magellan space exploration project
When he is named leader of the Magellan project, Kim Jin-Su signed a contract with ChangMei-Tech to equip the Ark with an exploration vessel. Jiang Hua is sent to join Jin-Su's team to integrate the ship aboard the ark.
Hua assists Ian Soulton with the creation of a compact hydroponic garden capable of sustaining life for a crew of 16..
The Icarus prototype is delivered to the team, it is thoroughly tested by the pilots in the most extreme conditions possible. An accident during one of these tests near the Sun's surface forces Hua and the young pilot Roland Zucalli to survive for 36 hours on the surface of Mercury..