Support Drone

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Support Drone
Support Drone
In-game Description Maintenance Stats
The best friend of the man-about-ship, this drone can carry out many tasks in your place.
  • The Drone carries out actions similar to those of the crew.
  • Try to repair the defective equipment in the room before you leave.

1 x Found in Daedalus
1 x Extra Drone NERON Project
1 x Assembling Icon Blueprint from:
    4 x Icon Scrap Metal
    1 x Icon Plastic Scraps

Extra drone.png

The Support Drone is a robot designed by Icon Terrence which can perform generic utility tasks, like repairs, across the ship. The Daedalus starts with one Drone already built and active, and additional ones can be created via the Extra Drone NERON Project and Icon Blueprints provided by the Icon Robotics Expert skill. Drones, like Icon Schrödinger, can be carried in your inventory and dropped off in any room.

Drone Actions

Drones carry out tasks at the end of every cycle. Having multiple Drones in a room increases the chance of success, as each Drone will launch its own, separate attempts at performing the action.

The Drone will attempt to perform one (or two with Turbo upgrade) of the following tasks per cycle, ordered by priority:

  1. If upgraded with Pilot, the Drone will board a Patrol Ship in the room and shoot Hunters.
    • This lasts until all Hunters have been destroyed or the ship runs out of ammunition.
  2. If upgraded with Firefighter, the Drone will attempt to extinguish a fire in the room.
    The extinguishing action takes place before fire appears, so the drone can't insta-extinguish a fire before it does damage.
  3. The Drone will attempt to repair a broken object in the room.
    • Base success chance and improvement per cycle are the same as those of a non-Icon Technician human.
    • Unlike humans, Drones do not require Icon Scrap Metal to repair broken spacecraft.
    Icon Bug: Can repair a hidden broken object. The object remains hidden, but there will be a room log about the object being repaired.
  4. If there is nothing left to do, the Drone will randomly wander into an adjacent room.
    • This happens even if it's in a character's inventory.

Upgrading Drones

A single Support Drone can be upgraded multiple times by a Icon Robotics Expert. Each upgrade takes 2 Icon Scrap Metal. The same upgrade cannot be applied twice.

Available upgrades:

  • Firefighter: Can extinguish fires.
    Icon Confirm: The Firefighter upgrade may cause a drone to become immune to fire, extinguishing itself before it can take damage from the fire.
  • Turbo: 2 actions instead of 1 each cycle.
  • Pilot: Patrol ships are usable for the drones.


  • Drones do not act as characters or Icon Cameras for the purpose of action privacy, meaning they will not affect Icon Covert or Icon Secret actions.
  • Drones should be assembled and upgraded in later stages of the game, as Scrap Metal is a valuable Icon Blueprint component early on, and fires and equipment breakages increase in frequency as the round progresses.
  • Try to keep tabs on where Drones are, as they have a habit of wandering aimlessly around the ship and it might take a while to find one when you need it. Keeping a Drone in inventory won't stop it from sneaking away on cycle change.
  • Drones are the preferred means of repairing Patrol Ships and the Pasiphae as, unlike humans, they don't need Scrap Metal to do so.

List of attributes

  • This item grants a passive benefit when deployed in a room.
  • This item cannot be hidden.
  • When examined, this item displays the following text:
The support drone fulfills the automatic maintenance objective planned for the Magellan project. Employing the Beta-Slave protocol it is almost possible to replace a human being. Aside from the minor issue of building the thing...