Swedish Sofa

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Swedish Sofa
Swedish Sofa
In-game Description Maintenance Stats
A superb sofa in hand-stitched Nubuck leather. Designed in Sweden but produced cheaply on Encalade.

This item is breakable and can be repaired. Repair:


This item can be dismantled by Technicians.Dismantle:

Dismantles into:

Icon Plastic Scraps x 1


1 x Assembling Icon Blueprint from:
    1 x Icon Thick Tube
    1 x Icon Scrap Metal

Works just like a Bed, granting all bonuses related to Icon Lying Down to the person who uses it. Once built, it cannot be moved to another room.

It looks like an item in the shelf, but really is an equipment. As such it cannot be moved or hidden, and breaks under surges.

Icon Bug: When it breaks, it causes everybody in the room laying in a bed or another sofa to stand up.

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List of attributes

  • This item is can become Icon Broken, requiring repairs before it can be used again.
  • This item can be broken (rather than destroyed) when exposed to by Icon fire.
  • This item can be dismantled for parts.
  • This item enables a new action.
  • This item cannot be hidden.
  • This item cannot be moved from its original position.
  • When examined, this item displays the following text:
Who would have thought that a plywood structure and a few cushions could be so relaxing...


  • The Swedish Sofa is missing a proper icon, instead being represented by a green placeholder square with the word "SOFA" on it.
  • When currently in use by a character, the item's name changes to "Swedish Sofa belonging to [character name]".