Green Jelly

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Icon Green Jelly
Description: You produce an acidic green jelly from your armpits
  • For 1 Action Point, you can break an electronic object. It will take a few cycles for the object to break down.
Learned by: Icon Mush 5 If Icon Mush: Only

Green Jelly is a skill added with Icon Episode III which permits the Icon Mush to forcibly break a targeted equipment in a random amount of cycles. The cycles to destruction are displayed in the action's room log.

This is basically a specific form of Icon Saboteur, which lets you break a smaller selection of equipment more easily and with less risk of detection.

Sliming the BIOS Terminal makes for great mischief, particularly after it has been tampered with through direct access or Icon NERON Depression. If you happen to be the Icon NERON Administrator, breaking the Icon Hacker Kit is an additional way to keep the crew away from your settings.

Hacker Kit, Icon Support Drones and Icon Myco-Alarms are bad targets for covert mush, though, as their broken condition is announced by NERON, and they do not break randomly.

Sabotaging NERON's Core itself, the Research Lab or the Planet Scanner (in the engine room) can delay progress in the respective fields at critical times, yet might only cause trouble for a couple cycles depending on crew vigilance. However, in the case of Research, even that can be effective early on - delaying Research project Antispore Gas and Research project Constipaspore Serum - but will also be rather obvious, as terminals rarely break that early into the game.

A Icon Mush Icon Technician may use Green Jelly as a bonus avenue of excuses for being Icon Dirty and missing Action Point, as broken vital equipment is always a good excuse to perform "unlucky" repairs.

Update: The privacy bug has been fixed and green jelly will be seen by cameras.

General effects

  • New action: 1 Action Point Slime
    • Target: Electric equipment (see below)
    • Effect: Causes the target to break in 1-4 cycles.
    • Icon Secret log: [Character] ejected some wretched slime onto the [equipment]. It'll break down in [x] cycles...

Viable targets

Due to the unclear boundaries on which objects count as "electric equipment" for the sake of Green Jelly targeting, the following is a list of confirmed skill targets.

The following objects are targetable by Green Jelly: The following are not targetable by Green Jelly:

Icon Confirm: Combustion Chamber? Sofa? Super Calculator?