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In-game Description Maintenance Stats
The camera is an extremely useful tool for spying observing your neighbors.
  • In the presence of a camera, Icon Secret and Icon Covert actions are revealed.

This item is breakable and can be repaired. Repair:


This item can be dismantled by Technicians.Dismantle:

Dismantles into:

Icon Scrap Metal x 1


3 x Found in Storage
2 x Icon Paranoid

Icon Secret and Icon Covert actions are revealed when a Camera is present.

A camera is installed for 2 Action Point, and removed for 1 Action Point. Both actions can make you dirty.

When originally found in shelf, dropped from inventory or removed they are items.
When installed they are equipments and only then provide surveillance.

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List of attributes

  • This item is can become Icon Broken, requiring repairs before it can be used again.
  • This item can be broken (rather than destroyed) when exposed to by Icon fire.
  • This item can be dismantled for parts.
  • This item grants a passive benefit when deployed in a room.
  • This item cannot be dropped.
  • This item cannot be hidden.
  • When examined, this item displays the following text:
When a camera is installed in a room, all logs are saved in the history and displayed publicly. The camera also logs covert and furtive activity. It doesn't work if it is in your personal inventory.