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Icon Technician
Description: Qualified to repair materials, equipment and the hull of the Daedalus.
  • +1 Repair Point (Repair Action Point) per day.
  • Chance of success on Repairs doubled.
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects.
  • Can reinforce and dismantle objects
Learned by: Icon Terrence 2

Icon Raluca 3 Icon Hua 4 Icon Kuan Ti 4 Icon Eleesha 5 Icon Mage Book

If Icon Mush: Kept

Technician is an incredibly valuable skill which not just increases, but doubles the chance of repairing any broken items or equipments. In addition to that, it provides the wielder with Repair Point points, which can be used to perform technical activities free of Action Point cost.

Other notable benefits are the ability to scrap that infernal Icon Microwave and to remove one shower for Icon Swedish Sofa parts, especially when using Repair Point to do so cheaply. Removing a shower is announced by NERON so expect a lynch mob to form if you take down the second shower. Of course, if you are Icon Mush, it can be worth it, as the humans will be left with just a sink afterwards...

Icon Terrence is expected to have this skill, as there should be at least one Technician on board. Icon Raluca loves it, as it gives her another bonus to PILGRED repairs. Icon Kuan Ti will usually avoid getting Icon Dirty, but can use it for the many boosts it gives to NERON projects - as can Icon Eleesha (especially as an Icon IT Expert), to whom it also gives a purpose after the Mush hunt. Icon Hua will benefit from the Repair Point points and chance boost, but is usually using her Action Point for piloting.

The Icon Adjustable Wrench and Icon Alien Bottle Opener are your best friends, dramatically improving the success chance on pretty much everything you're supposed to do, so keep them close.

Affected actions

2 Action Point Renovate (Any broken/damaged Patrol Ship or Pasiphae )

1 Action Point Repair (Any broken item or equipment):

2 Action Point Repair (PILGRED Reactor):

  • Efficiency increased by 4-6%.

1 Action Point Strengthen (Icon Scrap Metal):

2 Action Point Participate (NERON's Core):

NERON project Anomaly Detector
NERON project Armored Corridors
NERON project Automatic Sprinklers
NERON project Bay Door XXL
NERON project Convenient Sink
NERON project Dismantler
NERON project Extra Drone
NERON project Extra Hydropots
NERON project Heat Lamps
NERON project Large Bay Upgrade
NERON project Oxygenated Ducts
NERON project Plasma Shield
NERON project Rerouted Charges
NERON project Spatial Wave Radar
NERON project Teslatron Reservoir
NERON project Trail Minimizer

General effects

  • Gains 1 Repair Point per day, to a maximum of 2.
  • New action:
2-4 Action Point Dismantle
Cost: Depends on target
Target: Item or equipment which can be dismantled
  • Breaks the target into parts, recovering building materials from it. Results depend on the target (see: Inventory)
  • Success chance is increased by Icon Alien Bottle Opener and Icon Adjustable Wrench.
  • If any Repair Point are available, uses 1 Repair Point instead of Action Point.
  • Action is not available if the object has been reinforced.
  • New action:
2 Action Point Reinforce
Cost: 2 Action Point and 1 Icon Scrap Metal
Target: Breakable item or equipment
  • Item cannot be dismantled
  • Success chance of sabotage is reduced Icon Confirm: or impossible?
  • Does not prevent random breakage at cycle change
  • Success chance is increased by Icon Alien Bottle Opener and Icon Adjustable Wrench.
  • If any Repair Point are available, uses 1 Repair Point instead of Action Point.