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An example Room Events log containing Public entries mixed with several Private ones.

In Mush, Actions and other events generate entries in the Room Events log of the room they took place in. However, not everyone can see the log of every action. Whether or not a room log will be made visible is determined at the time the action takes place, based on its Privacy Level. If you want to keep your actions hidden from other crew members, you must be aware of your surroundings and the privacy levels associated with the actions.

Levels of Privacy

Simply put, there are multiple levels of room logs privacy:

Invisible > Icon Private > Icon Mush > Icon Covert > Icon Secret > Public
Name Details
Invisible These actions leave no room log whatsoever under any circumstances.
Icon Private These room logs are only visible to the owner and are typically phrased in 2nd person.
Icon Mush Logs that are created strictly in the dedicated Icon Mush discussion channel, rather than in the Room Events log.
Icon Covert
These room logs are revealed to all if they're committed in the presence of an installed Icon Camera.
  • A character with the Icon Observant skill has a 25% chance of revealing these logs to everyone if they're in the same room when it happens.
  • Being affected by the Icon Victimizer skill downgrades all Covert room logs to Icon Secret ones.
Icon Secret
These actions are revealed to all if they're committed in the presence of an installed Icon Camera or another character, human or Icon Mush.
  • A character with the Icon Observant skill has a chance to detect a Icon Secret room log, past or present. However, details as to who created the room logs, what the contents of the logs are, and when they are generated are omitted.
Public These actions and events are always visible to everybody.
Icon Covert/Icon Secret actions make their success obvious. Icon Caught actions will glow a bright red in the room log.

A general guideline to follow in identifying the privacy of room logs:

  • If you can't see your own room logs, neither can anybody else. (Exception: Icon Tracker can see in what direction characters leave rooms, while everyone else can't)
  • If your Icon Covert/Icon Secret room log is revealed, you'll know it from the bright red colour in its background and the Icon icon. Everyone else will be able to see it, too, when they're browsing the logs in the room
  • If a message refers to "You" in second person, only you can see it.

Other thing you should keep in mind about room logs: Icon Tracker allows the owner to view room logs in the last 16 cycles. Everyone else can only view them for 8 cycles. (Note that even you can't view logs of your own actions after they disappear).


It is important to note the differences between:

  1. The Room Logs; and
  2. The Actions that generate these logs.

The Levels of Privacy described above are associated to the Room Logs, not the Actions

So, does this mean any action generating Icon Private or Icon Mush room logs are always safe to carry out? Not necessarily. A person with Icon Torturer can force you to spit out your last few actions to the torturer, regardless of privacy level for 1 Action Point! The number of actions that gets revealed increases (up to 8) as your Health Point goes down. The reason why this skill bypasses privacy is because it doesn't reveal room reveals actions. In addition to that, the Icon Premonition skill allows the owner to see the last action of a person in the same room, at the cost of 1 Morale. Like Icon Torturer, it bypasses privacy levels as it reveals actions.

Also, keep in mind that a single action can produce multiple room logs at different privacy levels. For example, when you eat any consumable as a Icon Mush, a Icon Secret room log is generated as usual. However, there'll also be a Icon Private log generated for yourself, reminding you that as a Mush, you do not reap the benefits of the consumeable!

List of Room Logs associated to each Privacy Level


Most of the Mush actions will still trigger a Icon Myco-Alarm. The target of the Serum will also receive a IconPrivate log (see below) if they were a Mush.
Action Notes
Participate in Research
Inject the Icon Retro-Fungal Serum into a character
Anathema effect of Icon Victimizer into a character
Mush.png Infectious Cuddles with Icon Schrödinger

Appears as regular Caress action to everyone else.

Mush.png Icon Phagocyte: Consume a Icon Spore Icon Bug: In-game tooltip describes this action as Covert; however, it is Invisible.
Mush.png Icon Fungal Kitchen: Contaminate a consumable Icon Bug: In-game tooltip describes this action as Covert; however, it is Invisible.
Mush.png Icon Transfer: Use Transpossession to swap bodies Both victim and perpetrator receive a pop-up message informing them about the transfer, but no room logs are made.


Action Room Log Notes
Examine an object
  • [See object's "Examine" text]
Examining an item or a piece of equipment
Check Fuel in the Combustion Chamber
  • You wipe the crap off the dial to read the contents of the chamber: [number].
Most failed actions
  • Icon TODO: Missing information.
Repairing, dismantling, searching, extinguishing a fire, etc
Earn/lose Morale/Health Point/Action Point/Movement Point/XP:
  • You have earned/lost [amount] Morale/Health Point/Action Point/Movement Point/XP
Getting Dirty
  • Disgusting... You're filthy. (Not like that. Although...)
  • You wash yourself slowly under the shower, enjoying this rare moment of serenity..
Water Plants on a plant
  • You water the plants lovingly.
Treat Plant on a plant
  • You take a moment to wonder about the ventilation in the room as you apply the pink MT brand fungosecticide to your dear plant. After all it was used as successful biological and chemical warfare agent, but hey, the future of humanity is at stake.
Catch an illness
  • Disease.png You don't feel very good, not good at all... Hot... Cold... Hot... Cold... You should see a doctor. You have contracted a physiological disease: [illness].
  • Shrink bed.png You don't feel great... Your head is spinning, you feel confused, stressed, and anxious. You should see a Shrink. You have picked up a psychological illness: [illness].
Participate in a NERON project
  • [Varying NERON logs]
Scan a planet
  • Your thermal scan has detected a planet
  • Not to be confused with the Analyse action.
  • If Icon Magellan Liquid Map is present, also generates a Public log.
Hack a terminal using the Icon Hacker Kit
  • Icon TODO: Missing information.
Terminal access is also Icon Private after hacking
Self Heal
  • You have healed yourself and in doing so, have restored 4 Health Point
Healing someone else with full Health
  • No health was restored...
You can heal someone else with full Health Points with sepsis
Recover from a physical disease
  • Icon TODO: Missing information.
Use the Icon Spore Sucker
  • At least 1 Icon Spore: You use your extractor on this wretched boil. The noise is somewhat terrifying, as is the amount of blood... Hang on, what the hell is that?
  • No Icon Spore: Icon TODO: Missing information.
Icon TODO: Confirm in-game action name
Check Infection in the Mycoscanner
  • You start seeking traces of Mush... Pre-fungal level [amount].
Icon Torturer: Torture a character
  • Icon TODO: Missing information.
Only visible to the user.
Icon Premonition: Use Premonition on a character
  • You concentrate... Your head turns... You see [character] doing something... Their last action was to '[...]'.
Build a Icon Blueprint
  • Icon TODO: Missing information.
Mush.png Be cured by the Icon Retro-Fungal Serum
  • Mush.png You start to vomit. You feel strange. As if your senses have been muted, as if you don't exist any more. You suddenly feel very alone. You feel anxious again that the end is nigh, you feel true fear again. You are no longer Mush...
Only displayed if the cured was Icon Mush.


Action Room Log Notes
Mush.png Icon Trapper: Touch a booby-trapped unit [Victim] has been infected by rummaging in a shelving unit which had been booby-trapped by [trapper]. Their contamination level is currently [level].
Mush.png Icon Fungal Kitchen: Consume a contaminated item [Victim] was infected by a ration contaminated by [trapper]. The level of contamination is now [level].


Action Room Log Notes
Mush.png Infect someone
  • Mush.png [Mush] approached [victim] in a predatory manner... and spiked them discretely!
Also generates a Public log if a Icon Myco-Alarm is in the room (shelf or hidden):
Mush.png Icon Demoralize: Demoralize a character Icon TODO: Confirm in-game action name
The victim still receives the private log indicating the moral loss, which in itself is a giveaway...
Mush.png Icon Slimetrap: Slimetrap a character In a flash, [Mush] taps [target] affectionately but it seems as though some kind of putrid smoke came out of their fingers! Icon TODO: Confirm in-game action name
Mush.png Icon Nightmarish: Induce nightmares in a character [Mush] approached [target]... After moving away again, the latter seems to sleep really badly. Icon TODO: Confirm in-game action name
Mush.png Icon Bacteriophiliac: Cause a disease Icon TODO: Confirm in-game action name
Mush.png Icon Radio Pirate: Disrupt a character's communications hijack
You do not need to be alone with your target for this action.


Action Room Log Notes
Consume an item (Rations, fruit, coffee, pills etc.)
  • Starving.png [Consumer] ate/devoured/munched their [consumable]/little snack/nice little meal/small meal, burp.
  • (Icon Mush, Icon Private):
If you're a Icon Mush, you'll also generate a Icon Private log
Extract an Icon Oxygen Capsule
Extract a Icon Fuel Capsule
Hide an object [Person] has hidden their [object].
Mush.png Extract Spore [Mush] has removed a spore. It's truly repulsive. And the smell...
Mush.png Sabotage ship equipment
Mush.png Icon Pyromaniac: Start a fire Hey... it's getting hot in here... [name] set the place on fire... Icon TODO: Confirm in-game action name
Mush.png Icon NERON Depression: Depres Neron [name] seems to be deep in conversation with... NERON. But what on earth could this two have to talk about? Neron also make warning in cycle settings changed
Mush.png Icon Trapper: Booby-Trap Unit in a room [Trapper] seemed to have suspiciously slipped something onto [trapped object].
Mush.png Icon Massive Mushification: Moldification of the mass in a room [name] suddenly stiffens... It looks like twisted yellow threads are escaping from their spacesuit and trying to penetrate the hull...


Action Room Log Notes
Successful actions (Repair Hull) [Person]'s attempt to repair the hull has succeeded. It was high time that somebody took care of that...
Repairing, extinguishing fires, searching, dismantling, destroying a hunter, etc
Leave/Enter a room
  • (Without Icon Tracker): [Person] entered the room / [Person] left the room.
  • (With Icon Tracker): [Person] entered the room from [location] / [Person] left the room towards [location].
Only people with Icon Tracker, can see the alternate log. Everyone else sees the usual.
Read something [Person] starts reading enthusiastically... This includes all documents and books. Only the action of reading is shown...the contents of the document are Icon Private
Cook a ration [Person] cooked a little something for later on
Make a Coffee! with the Coffee Machine [Person] primes the machine. In a fit of crashing and banging, the mechanics kick in, the cogs grind and the aromas fill the room. It smells like a warm morning on a terrace on Venus. Coffee!
Pick Up/Drop an object [Person] has picked up [object] / [Person] has dropped [object]. Icon Walkie Talkie, Icon Tracker and Icon iTrakie generate a Icon Private log of the same messsage, instead
Open a Icon Space Capsule [Person] found a brand new [fuel/oxygen capsule] in a space capsule.
Discover a hidden item (with Search) [Person] has discovered a hidden [object].
Lie Down/Get Up [Person] is lying down... It's good to just stop and take a break. Destination : the land of dreams! / [Person] wakes up calmly...
Access Terminal [Person] has accessed the [terminal].
Repair PILGRED Reactor [Person] has advanced the PILGRED repairs.
Inject Fuel on Icon Fuel Capsule in the Engine Room The combustion chamber is currently at level: [number]
Heal another character [Healer] has healed [amount]Health Point for [patient]. Self Heal generates a Icon Private log instead
Symptoms of an illness Vomiting, scratching, sneezing, etc
Heal a physical disease Hurt.png [Healer] has managed to cure [patient] of their disease ([disease]). With Medkit or in the Medlab
Caress Icon Schrödinger [Person] gave Schrödinger a big cuddle, much to his displeasure, but in any case it always makes people feel better...
Icon Confident:Confide [Person] and [Confidant] are chatting innocently...
  • Also generates a Icon Private log for the confidant:

[Person] tells you all about their latest adventure and even if it doesn't seem like it, there's always something to be learned... Most recent actions: [various actions].

Analyze a planet [Person] carried out analysis on [planet]... Not to be confused with Scan a planet
  • [Female Person] seems interested in [Male Victim], the fluttering of their eyelashes is a good indicator of their most intimate thoughts.
  • [Male Person] seems interested in [Female Victim]. The way he looks at her leaves nobody in any doubt of his intentions.
Do the Thing [Person] and [Person] killed the lights and then the strange noises started... A few minutes later, the lights went back on. They seemed in great spirits afterwards.
Gagging with Icon Duct Tape/Ungagging
Kick Off/Attack somebody
  • (Without Icon Ninja): [Person] caught [Victim] with a majestic uppercut... /

[Person] caught [Victim] with a huge haymaker... / [Person] sticks a right uppercut on [Victim]... / [Person] caught [Victim] with a big right hook... who then repainted the wall with their nose... / [Person] attacked [Victim]... until their last breath.

If attacker has Icon Ninja, unarmed attacks become anonymous i.e. shown as Someone doing the attacking.
Install a Icon Camera [Person] installed the Camera with care.
Remove a Icon Camera If remover has Icon Nimble Fingers, then log becomes Icon Secret
Take Off/Land with a patrol ship or the Pasiphae [Person] has just taken off./[Person]'s patrol ship has just landed.
Bad take off with a patrol ship or the Pasiphae [Person]'s takeoff was so bad that they've damaged their equipment.
Complete a lab research Research has advanced. The "[Research project]" article has been published and immediate applications are ready.
Icon Shrink: Cure a psychological disorder Shrink icon The session is a success, [patient] has been cured of their disease ([illness]). [Shrink] is really happy.
Icon Shrink: Comfort a character
Drugs: Heal yourself (or attempt to heal yourself) [Person] feels relieved, but the treatment was insufficient. He'll need to start again.
Mush.png Mutate [Player] curls up, clearly suffering. The crewmember's cries resonate throughout the room before ungodly bile spews from their mouth and melts their clothing... How horrific! [Player] has completely mutated!