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In-game Description Maintenance Stats
Schrödinger is a pretty grumpy, but undeniably silky, cat.

1 x Icon Raluca

Schrödinger is a cat. It will show up in the Laboratory when Icon Raluca decryogenises.

Schrödinger allows you to:

  1. Use 1 Action Point to caress it and you will gain 3 Morale once per game. (You can caress the cat multiple times, but morale will only be given on the first caress.)
  2. Unlock NCC Lenses as a research project. Must be holding the cat in inventory, research will not appear if it is loose in the lab.

Picking Schrödinger up or caressing it has a chance of hurting you, losing 2 Health Point. This can happen multiple times, and only Raluca is immune to this.


Icon The Mush can also infect the cat by Infectious Cuddles (1 Action Point, 1 spore required). The infection action itself is Invisible and will not be logged. The caress will look exactly like a normal caress which is a Public action and will be visible by anyone. The spore will be used up. Once the cat is infected, everyone will be spored every time (no limits) they get injured when picking up or caressing it, increasing their infection level by 1, even after the other Mush are dead.

It can also be killed with a ranged weapon (not the knife) or by throwing a grenade, giving Raluca -4 Morale.

Schrodinger does not act as a crewmember in the room and is unable to reveal any Icon Secret actions, e.g. Mush activities such as "Extract a spore".

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List of attributes

  • This item enables a new action.
  • This item cannot be hidden.
  • When examined, this item displays the following text:
"A lovely cat, so soft and poised. When it miaows, it can hardly be heard, As its timbre is so soft and discreet." This is Raluca's cat.