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Icon Paranoid
Description: The paranoid crewmember always believes their crewmates to be potentially dangerous, they always watch their back using their extra cameras.
  • Starts out with 2 additional Cameras.
Learned by: Icon Gioele 2 If Icon Mush: Kept

Paranoid grants two extra cameras to watch for Mushy activities.

If Icon Gioele has one free inventory slot when taking this skill, one camera appears in this slot, and the second camera appears as if it was installed on the wall. Though in reality someone will still have to spend 2 Action Point for its installation.

If you actively take this skill in addition to another one and then become Alpha Mush, you only have yourself to blame. Otoh if you really are Bronze, and people saw that you had no skill before (i.e. a choice), it will be hard to explain at least picking Icon Solid instead.