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Icon Chef
Description: Formidable when it comes to knocking meals together. They also have an impressive awareness of what you should eat.
  • Can read the food nutrition information.
  • Can read the fruit nutrition information.
  • +4 Cook Point per day (Cook action points).
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects.
Learned by: Icon Stephen 1
Icon Mage Book
If Icon Mush: Kept

The Chef skill allows Icon Stephen to cook meals for the crew, so they can refuse to eat them out of paranoia. :p

Seriously: Since few people are willing to eat a meal they didn't prepare themselves due to the dangers of Icon Fungal Kitchen (and by the time they are, there may not be much food left to cook), the actual use of this skill is mainly to hyperfreeze stacks of Icon Alien Steaks collected on expeditions before they spoil, and to see the properties of food and Alien Fruit.

The one exception being Icon Chun, who can serve as a trusted delivery girl after reading the respective Icon Mage Book.

What is unique about this skill, and another reason why Stephen may not want to pick it, is that every ship with an active Icon Communications Officer is guaranteed to receive such a book when they find Xyloph Database Roger's Kitchenary 2830.

  • Since all fresh food spoils on day change regardless of its actual age, it is advisable to do any provident cooking early in the day, and to do any freezing by cycle 8.
  • Also make sure the NERON BIOS has been set not to destroy spoiling food immediately. Even slightly (or even completely) spoiled food can be valuable, especially with your ability to recognize it.

Affected items


  • Level of decay can be read.


  • Effects of consumption can be read.

Affected actions

1 Action Point Cook (Icon Standard Ration), 1 Action Point Hyperfreeze (Consumables):

  • If any Cook Point are available, uses 1 Cook Point instead of Action Point.

2 Action Point Participate (NERON's Core):

NERON project Pneumatic Distributor

General effects

  • Gains 4 Cook Point a day, to a maximum of 8.