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Paola rinaldo portrait.jpg
Paola sprite.png Paola Rinaldo
Paola earns 8 Glory when contact is made with Kivanç via the Comms Terminal.
1 Icon Radio Expert
2 Icon Logistics Expert
3 Icon Shooter
4 Icon Biologist
5 Icon Rebel
6 Icon Gunner
Position on title lists:
#12 Icon Commander
#10 Icon NERON Administrator
#1 Icon Communications Officer

Paola Rinaldo is the daughter of the ship owner Icon Gioele Rinaldo. She lives in the constant hope of leading an adventure which will shake up her life. To denounce the Federation's post-colonial system, she starts a pirate radio station on campus with her boyfriend Kivanç Terzi. During one of their shows, she accidentally intercepts disturbing communications informing her of an impending Icon Mush invasion. Fleeing for her life, she meets up with her father who permits her to board the Daedalus, abandoning the man of her life on Earth.

How to play

Paola's main task is to work on Communications. This takes a lot of Action Point and can only be performed by her alone (once the connection is up), which means that the crew will expect her to focus almost exclusively on it. In turn, they will usually work to help her gain Action Point by building the Icon Swedish Sofa on the Bridge for her to sleep on, and she is encouraged to eat as many Icon Standard Rations as she needs, ideally sharing the Icon Stainproof Apron with the Laboratory crew to avoid getting dirty.

With some support on the connection, a good Paola can then do 2-3 NERON upgrades, get the day 3 base and go through all of Xyloph before the day 5 base comes up.

However, she is not detached from what is going on, as her General Announcement ability leaves her with a responsibility to inform and organize the crew - if not by herself, then at least helping out the acting Icon Commander by relaying their messages over the ship's speakers.

Icon Bronze

Icon Radio Expert: Paola's first skill. This ability saves the crew a few Action Point when (re-)establishing the signal, and lets you do this yourself more easily, but that is basically it. Logistics Expert offers a better bonus in terms of Action Point.
Icon Logistics Expert: Paola's most valuable skill. And people will love to hang around with you! It is most often used to give Icon Frieda(or any other Astrophysicist) additional Action Point for their Astrophysics job. Alternatively Icon Jin Su with Logistics Expert and the sofa on the Bridge will help you gain 3 Action Point per cycle for communications.
Icon Shooter: Allows you to help shooting Hunters by using your free Pa shoot.png Shooter Points in the Front Turrets, or fight a Icon Pacifist Mush. But Logistics Expert is a better choice, allowing others to shoot even more (though using turrets is generally wasteful anyway).
Icon Biologist: Better than Shooter, and potentially vital, but still worse than Logistics Expert. With this skill you can help out the research team once all Comms tasks are finished or if there is a break between Rebel Bases.
Icon Rebel: Paola's unique skill. Its (mediocre) value comes from saving Action Point on decoding Rebel Bases, similar to the Kivanç bonus. Should only be taken if you plan to decode many of those. Logistics Expert is still more useful in general.
Icon Gunner: Paola's latest skill. A good alternative to Biologist when it comes to finding an occupation after Comms are done, especially on very long ships.

Icon Silver

Icon Logistics Expert / Icon Radio Expert: Cheap to acquire and generally useful, this will help others help you.
Icon Logistics Expert / Icon Shooter: Allows you to power the bridge and also shoot some Hunters or Icon Pacifist protected players using Pa shoot.png.
Icon Logistics Expert / Icon Biologist: This will enable you to become valuable part of the research team later in the game.
Icon Logistics Expert / Icon Rebel: A good combination if you don't want to miss any Rebel Bases.
Icon Logistics Expert / Icon Gunner: More specialized than Shooter, but also more effecive at what it does.

Icon Gold

Logistics Expert should always be picked if available. Other skills depend on the situation and your preferences, with Shooter and Gunner making an effective combination.

Icon Mush

With no excuse to get Icon Dirty except eating without the Icon Stainproof Apron (which is not hard for her to get) and a narrowly defined task that is also easy to check, a Mush Paola usually has little choice but to mimic a human for the longest time.
She has good reason to wait for her moment, however: If the crew is not aware and cautious, trading an inactive (or even active!) character for PILGRED and then doing a Icon Transfer into the acting Icon Commander can instantly end the game in a win with little effort, making a Mush Paola a more dangerous "rusher" than Icon Raluca!

Useful tips

  • If you don't have a Icon Swedish Sofa, there is a good solution: You can sleep in the Medlab bed while Icon Finola/Icon Andie can stand next to you and benefit from Icon Logistics Expert instead. If there are inactives on the bridge, then let Frieda take the sofa and do the same!
  • In the later game when all Comms work is done, you should pick between Icon Shooter, Icon Gunner or Icon Biologist, depending on the state of research and whether you have a Icon Pilot Magebook.
  • Picking Icon Biologist in the early game is a mistake. You do not have a lot of AP - and you should use them to update Neron, decode signals and access Xyloph. In the late game, it might be pointless as well, if you have a working team of researchers and the Mush are dead.


Born on Earth, in Italy.
First expedition off-Earth: At the age of 15, Paola ran away with a troop of space mercenaries. She meets an alter-universalist commune of neo-hippies on Mars IV which heightens her sensitivity to the plight of the miners on Tau-Ceti. Her father finally takes Paula back to Earth at the end of the year.
Paola is sent to Rome to the University of San Lorenzo to study structural biology. Despite her poor attendance, she got good results. At this time, Paola set up her first pirate radio station where she denounced the expansionist policies of the federation. The war on Sol and the ever-reducing education budgets were two of her favourite topics. She definitively cut all ties with her father who as a director of a company using prisoners to mine mineral deposits is directly involved in the shifting colonialist policies of the PresidentGL Maubrick.
Paola meets Kivanç Terzi, a Turkish student who helps her set up her antennae. After losing two transmitters which were wrecked by local police, they pooled their collective knowledge to come up with a revolutionary olfactory method of communication. By projecting synthetic pheromones over short distances, they managed to transmit information without transmitting detectable waves. They could then start broadcasting again and the campus police couldn't do a thing.
Following the uprising on Ross248, the government ignore the protests and make Mush the scapegoat for any and all injustices. Paola is outraged by this false incrimination and resolves to prove that the people of Tau-Ceti and Ross248 had nothing to do with the bloodthirsty man-shrooms described in the federal announcements. That same year, Kivanç detected unusual interference on the olfactory broadcast channel, but didn't pay it any attention.
When the interference increased, Kivanç and Paola identified exchanges in an unknown language. Kinvanç started trying to decrypt the language and managed to decipher the most commonly recurring messages. They talk about the "purification of the Sol system", "the transfer of violent subjects", and even "the spore bank". He is finally arrested the following month during an anti-spongic check by the FDS.
Gioele contacts his daughter to warn her of imminent danger. The Mush invasion described by the government 3 years ago is real. The entire Sol system is under threat. He offers her a place aboard his Ark-World project ship, the Daedalus, which must save the human race from certain demise. Paola accepts but she wants to save Kivanç first. he is being held in a detention centre in France. She asks her father to transfer him to Titan and into one of his mining colonies.
48h before the operation to help Kivanç escape, a tragic accident obliges the crew of the Daedalus to move their departure forward. Paola must decide to leave Sol without Kivanç but she vows to get back in touch with him no matter the distance between them.