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Icon Designer
Description: Has access to NERON's core twice per day (Free Actions).
  • +2 NERON Project Point per day (NERON project action points).
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects
Learned by: Icon Kuan Ti 1
Icon Raluca 5
If Icon Mush: Kept

Despite being a skill focused on improving NERON projects, the skill itself only improves your efficiency for one project! It may, however, be useful to save some energy (especially as Icon Raluca, as beds are rarely available to her).

It is Icon Kuan Ti's primary skill until Icon Technician (level 4), which helps him improve the ship and in turn pull in Glory. It is useful for a Technician/Designer Kuan Ti, because he can focus on repairs (PILGRED, Hull, etc.) and still help on projects with the Projects points (NERON Project Point). However, Icon Astrophysicist, Icon Leader, and Icon Politician may be more useful, depending on the circumstances.

Designer is an option to high-leveled Silver and Gold Raluca in order to have a better action economy on projects, at the cost of efficiency on the PILGRED for Silvers.

Affected actions

2Action Point Participate (NERON's Core):

  • If any NERON Project Point are available, 1 NERON Project Point is used instead of Action Point.
  • Bonus to efficiency on NERON Projects:
NERON project General Patching Up

Additional effects

  • Gains 2 NERON Project Point per day, to a maximum of 4.