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Pa core.png NERON, the artificial intelligence of the Daedalus, assigns three special Titles to certain individuals among the crew. These are:

If a crew member is no longer capable of fulfilling their duty, any Titles they carry transfer to another crew member at the beginning of the next cycle in a predetermined order.

Icon Stephen's Icon Opportunist skill is connected to Titles in that he gains 5 bonus Action Point for the first time he is assigned a title.

Icon Kuan Ti can use the Icon Politician skill to move himself to the top of the command chain.

Title 01.png Commander

The Commander navigates the Daedalus using the Command Terminal. The Commander can turn and move the ship to orbit planets or run away from Hunters as well as issue missions to the crew.


At the cost of 1 Action Point the current Commander can issue a mission once per day. Missions can only be given to characters with whom you can communicate, either by being in the same room, via Icon Walkie Talkie/Icon iTrakie or having the Icon Brainsync status. The mission description is for flavor and is not binding. The character who accepts the mission receives 3 Action Point and a Info.png notification with a description of the mission in the Tip.png Tips channel.

As long as the missions are not rejected, a character can save up several missions for usage at once, since they stack and do not expire. If the selected character rejects the assigned mission, they do not receive any Action Point, yet the Commander still loses the Action Point spent issuing the mission. However, they are refunded the right to issue a mission on the same day. The fixed limit of one mission per day is tied to the characters and not to the title -- if the previous commander becomes inactive or is killed, then the new commander will be able to issue a new mission.

Title 02.png NERON Administrator

The NERON Administrator carries favor with the Daedalus' computer intelligence Neron.png NERON. The administrator has the ability to access multiple options and change the settings for how the ship's artificial intelligence behaves through the BIOS Terminal.

The NERON Administrator also has the ability to post messages to the ship from NERON by entering /neron <your message here>. Note that the command needs to be all lower case in order to work correctly.

Accessing BIOS

More info Main article: BIOS Terminal.

The title of NERON Administrator carries with it the minor burden of being responsible for NERON's BIOS settings, which has to be done at the start of the round and every once in a while during the progressing game.

Title 03.png Communications Officer

The Communications Officer is responsible for decoding Rebel Base signals, working with the Xyloph Database,updating NERON's software to unlock additional NERON Projects for the ship and contacting alien vessels. They are also capable of broadcasting General Announcements to the entire crew of the Daedalus, as well as granted the ability to communicate on Walkie Talkie channels without having to carry one.

General Announcements

The Communications Officer may, at any time, issue a General Announcement. This may be used to keep crew members aware of important findings and organize help to save the ship from various Mush and environmental threats. Once an announcement is broadcast all crew members will receive a Info.png notification with a description of the announcement in the Tip.png Tips channel.

Icon Note: General Announcements are stackable up to the last 10 announced, so use them responsibly. Players may get annoyed if they have to click through a barrage of pop-up messages whenever they log in.

Title Hierarchy

The following table details the order of succession in which characters are assigned a title. To receive a title, a crew member must not be P dead.png dead, Icon Berzerker or Icon Inactive.

# Icon Commander Icon NERON Administrator Icon Communications Officer
1 Icon Kim Jin Su Icon Janice Kent Icon Paola Rinaldo
2 Icon Wang Chao Icon Terrence Archer Icon Eleesha Williams
3 Icon Gioele Rinaldo Icon Eleesha Williams Icon Andie Graham
4 Icon Stephen Seagull Icon Raluca Tomescu Icon Stephen Seagull
5 Icon Frieda Bergmann Icon Finola Keegan Icon Janice Kent
6 Icon Lai Kuan Ti Icon Andie Graham Icon Roland Zuccali
7 Icon Jiang Hua Icon Frieda Bergmann Icon Jiang Hua
8 Icon Derek Hogan Icon Ian Soulton Icon Derek Hogan
9 Icon Roland Zuccali Icon Stephen Seagull Icon Kim Jin Su
10 Icon Raluca Tomescu Icon Paola Rinaldo Icon Lai Kuan Ti
11 Icon Finola Keegan Icon Kim Jin Su Icon Gioele Rinaldo
12 Icon Paola Rinaldo Icon Jiang Hua Icon Zhong Chun
13 Icon Terrence Archer Icon Lai Kuan Ti Icon Ian Soulton
14 Icon Eleesha Williams Icon Gioele Rinaldo Icon Finola Keegan
15 Icon Andie Graham Icon Zhong Chun Icon Terrence Archer
16 Icon Ian Soulton Icon Roland Zuccali Icon Frieda Bergmann
17 Icon Janice Kent Icon Wang Chao Icon Wang Chao
18 Icon Zhong Chun Icon Derek Hogan Icon Raluca Tomescu