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There are many icons you can use in the in-game chat as well as in the forum

Chat Only

Icons available in chat, but not in forum

Pslots.png :pa_pm:
Action Point :pa:
Movement Point :pm:
Health Point :pv:
Xp.png :xp:
Xpbig.png :xpbig:
Pa heal.png :pa_heal:
Paria.png :asocial:
Disabled status.png :disabled:
Starving.png :hungry:
Hurt.png :hurt:
Disease.png :ill:
Psy disease.png :psy_disease:
Title 02.png :admin_neron:
Title 01.png :commander:
Title 03.png :resp_comm:
Alert.png :alert:
Comm icon.png :com:
Door.png :door:
Plant youngling.png :plant_youngling:
Plant thirsty.png :plant_thirsty:
Plant dry.png :plant_dry:
Plant diseased.png :plant_diseased:
Bin.png :bin:
Pageright.png :next:
Daedalus triumph.png :ship_triumph:
Explore.png :exp:Icon Bug: Posible lost after Episode III

Chat and Forum

Icons available in chat and forum. When using the codes in chat, all codes (with the exception of the tease icons) can be used as shown or remove the leading mush_.

Special Points
emote chat forum
Pa comp.png :pa_comp: :mush_pa_comp:
Pa cook.png :pa_cook: :mush_pa_cook:
Pa core.png :pa_core: :mush_pa_core:
Pa eng.png :pa_eng: :mush_pa_eng:
Pa garden.png :pa_garden: :mush_pa_garden:
Pa pilgred.png :pa_pilgred: :mush_pa_pilgred:
Pa shoot.png :pa_shoot: :mush_pa_shoot:
emote chat forum
Laid.png :laid: :mush_laid:
Guardian.png :mastered: :mush_mastered:
Mush.png :mush: :mush_mush:
Dirty.png :stink: :mush_stink:
emote chat forum
Fuel.png :fuel: :mush_fuel:
O2.png :o2: :mush_o2:
emote chat forum
Moral.png :moral:
Lp.png :hp: :mush_hp:
Pa cook.png :eat: :mush_eat:
Drugs.png :pills: :mush_pills:
Dead.png :dead: :mush_dead:

emote chat forum
Hunter icon.png :hunter: :mush_hunter:
Fire.png :fire: :mush_fire:
emote chat forum
More.png :more: :mush_more:
Less.png :less: :mush_less:
Discrete.png :chut: :mush_chut:
Talk.gif :talk: :mush_talk:
Talkie.png :talky: :mush_talky:
Cat.png :cat: :mush_cat:
Pa eng.png :eng: :mush_eng:
Casio.png :time: :mush_time:
Tip.png :tip: :mush_tip:
Triumph.png :triumph: :mush_triumph:
Teaser Icons (Consumable)
emote code emote code
Eleesha williams mini.png :mush_mush_tease_EW: Lai kuan ti mini.png :mush_mush_tease_LKT:
Finola keegan mini.png :mush_mush_tease_FK: Paola rinaldo mini.png :mush_mush_tease_PR:
Frieda bergmann mini.png :mush_mush_tease_FB: Raluca tomescu mini.png :mush_mush_tease_RT:
Gioele rinaldo mini.png :mush_mush_tease_GR: Roland zuccali mini.png :mush_mush_tease_RZ:
Ian soulton mini.png :mush_mush_tease_IS: Stephen seagull mini.png :mush_mush_tease_SS:
Janice kent mini.png :mush_mush_tease_JK: Terrence archer mini.png :mush_mush_tease_TA:
Jiang hua mini.png :mush_mush_tease_JH: Wang chao mini.png :mush_mush_tease_WC:
Kim jin su mini.png :mush_mush_tease_KJS: Zhong chun mini.png :mush_mush_tease_ZC:

Icon Note: Andie and Derek do not have teaser icons

Distinctions Required

Hungry.png :mush_apple:
Door.png :mush_door_repaired_1:
Stock.png :mush_explo_feed_1:
Survival icon.png :mush_explorer_1:
Gagged.png :mush_gagged_1:
Awake.png :mush_game_without_sleep_1:
Planet.png :mush_planet_scanned_1:
Reported.png :mush_signal_equip_1:
Free Ticket :mush_ticket:
Mush triumph.png :mush_triumph2:
Book icon.png :mush_tutorial_1:
Play as each character

atleast 50 Cycles to earn these ones

Mushxp.png :mush_mushxp_50:
Andie icon.png :mush_andie_50:
Chao icon.png :mush_chao_50:
Chun icon.png :mush_chun_50:
Derek icon.png :mush_derek_50:
Eleesha icon.png :mush_eleesha_50:
Finola icon.png :mush_finola_50:
Frieda icon.png :mush_frieda_50:
Gioele icon.png :mush_gioele_50:
Hua icon.png :mush_hua_50:
Ian icon.png :mush_ian_50:
Janice icon.png :mush_janice_50:
Jin Su icon.png :mush_jin_su_50:
Kuan Ti icon.png :mush_kuan_ti_50:
Paola icon.png :mush_paola_50:
Raluca icon.png :mush_raluca_50:
Roland icon.png :mush_roland_50:
Stephen icon.png :mush_stephen_50:
Terrence icon.png :mush_terrence_50:
Likemush.gif :mush_likemush:


All twinoid icons that you have in the forum can also be used in the game with their regular twinoid codes. Any consumable icons will count as being used in the chat.

To find out what smileys you have available to you, go to the forum and start a new post or start a reply to a post. Your options will be listed at the bottom.