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The majority of this information came from Twinpedia, the French wiki, the French Mush Castings page, and from!view/112222

Icon TODO: Many informations are still missing.

Castings are effectively groups or clans, similar to other portions of Twinoid. Castings are created via the expenditure of Any Ticket earned or purchased in Mush.

As stated on the French wiki, and loosely translated: "The goal of Castings is to encourage large groups of players with the same aspirations and goals in gameplay..."


Tickets for castings can be earned in various ways:

  • Be on a ship that lasts 10 days or more (ie: you reach day 10, cycle 1). Each time a ship lasts 10 or more days, each member of the ship (whether alive or dead) receives 1 Gold Ticket. However, the Gold Ticket is only valid if the ship was random, not a casting ship.
  • When purchasing Icon Gold Mode, the user will automatically receive a number of Gold Ticket based on the number of gold days purchased.
  • NERON gives players 1 Free Ticket per month in which the player plays the game. Icon Gold Mode players can accrue up to 6 of these, all other players are limited to 2.
  • Gold Ticket can also be purchased from the Vending Machine for Klix

Creating a Casting

  • To create a casting you need 3 Any Ticket. This will create a temporary Casting.
  • A name must be created, or accepted from the proposed options. (Maximum of 50 characters in the name).
  • The initial creator of the Casting is given the title of Creator.

The limit is 3 joined Castings in Icon Gold Mode, and 1 joined Casting in Icon Silver or Icon Bronze Mode. If you drop from Icon Gold to Silver, and you are joined with 2 or 3 Castings, you will be unable to launch with any ships until you reduce your Castings to 1.}}


  • All participants may submit as many Any Ticket as they desire.
  • Once 50 Any Ticket have been submitted, the Casting becomes permanent.
  • Once funded, a forum is created for the Casting. Only members of the Casting can access their specific forum.
  • Additional members can apply to a Casting even after it is funded.


  • The Creator of the forum becomes the moderator of the forum and all members.
  • The Creator may appoint other moderators.
  • The Creator and appointed Moderators can assign forum ranks and roles.


More info Main article: Castings Ranks.

  • Castings can increase in rank, increasing the maximum members and unlocking Castings Options.
  • Casting Castings XP is required for the casting rank to increase.
  • 1 Any Ticket can be exchanged by anyone for 1Castings XP.
  • 25Castings XP is gained for every casting-launched ship completed.

Rank Levels

Rank starter.png Beginner

Offers the option: Hidden Mush
The maximum size of the casting is now 48 players.
You are a group who got together to start living the life of an artist. You are currently busking with a guitar in the Pyong Yang metro.

Rank too slow.png Cafe Theatre

Unblocks the Slow Game option which has cycles of 4h
The maximum size of the casting is now 64 players.
We no longer fall asleep during your films... it\'s cool, nobody\'s watching.

Rank troopers.png Soldier of Fortune

Have you ever managed to make people do what you want ? It\'s tougher than with sheep...although...
The maximum size of the casting is now 80 players.
Have you ever tried to convince people? It\'s tougher than with sheep...although...

Rank mushruvery.png Repertory Company

Unblocks Andie and Derek
The maximum size of the casting is now 88 players.
You know how to get the crowd going on the beaches of Neptune

Rank triple play.png Bar lounge

Unblocks the Triple Mush option
The maximum size of the casting is now 104 players.
You are capable of making a film without a script.

Rank page.png Bill Sticker

Unblocks the Beta Game option
The maximum size of the casting is now 112 players.

Rank swift fungus.png Pre-Theatre Deal

Unblocks the Speed Game option which has cycles of 2h
The maximum size of the casting is now 128 players.
You know how to roll two scenes together without the scenery collapsing

Rank dream theater.png Garden Gnomes

Unblocks manual takeoffs for this casting
The maximum size of the casting is now 144 players.
You efficiently organize Martian barbecues

Rank beta phases.png Orchestra

The maximum size of the casting is now 160 players.
We can trust you to organize a party in a lunar hospice

Rank sleeping beauty.png National Ballet

Unblocks the Sleeping Mush option
The maximum size of the casting is now 176 players.
We almost hired you for a big film once !

Rank whos ugly.png Opera

Unblocks the No Mush Game option
The maximum size of the casting is now 192 players.
International Class on a provincial moon

Rank fight.png Production House

The maximum size of the casting is now 208 players.

Rank blitz.png Event Based Society

Unlocks the blitz game mode, which makes cycles take only 1 hour. The maximum size of the casting is now 224 players.

Rank legend.png Legend

The maximum size of the casting is now 256 players.

Unlockable Casting Options

Fast cycle.png Fast Cycle

Cycles take 2 hours.

Slow cycle.png Slow Cycle

Cycles take 4 hours.

Three mush.png Triple Mush

Ship begins with 3 mush.

No mush.png No Mush

Ships begins without mush.

No mush bar.png Hidden Mush

Crew cannot see how many mush there are.

Mush progressive.png Sleeping Mush

The number of mush gradually increases over time. It's possible that there are more than 2 "Alpha" mush.

Beta phases.png Beta

The ship begins in beta mode.

Blitz cycle.png Blitz Cycle

Cycles take 1 hour.

Use andrek.png Andie & Derek

This ship starts with Andie & Derek instead of Finola and Chao.

Casting Glory

More info Main article: Casting Glory.

Joining a Casting

  • There is a link to the Castings page on the French Mush which lists the currently existing Castings.
  • Clicking on a casting will display a Join/Apply link, if there is any room left in the Casting. This will cost you Any Ticket.

Disbanding or Leaving a Casting

  • The Creator can disband a Casting. If done so, all invested Any Ticket are refunded.
  • If a player leaves a Casting, Funded Any Ticket are lost. Be careful whom you join.

Rights and Options of Casting Members

  • A Creator or Moderator can start launch a ship or ships early, if there are enough players who are in Ready status.
  • Everyone can use a Any Ticket to set Ready status. This will put you into a ship when the Casting launches a ship, but only if you are not currently in an active ship.
  • Different ranks can be assigned, such as: Spore, Mutant, Teleomorph, and Grand Mushling.


  • No rights beyond read-only.


  • Edit private pages.
  • Post on the Casting forum.
  • Post on the Casting Nexus.


  • Can refuse or turn down member applications.
  • Edit public pages.
  • Add pages.


  • Change title of members.
  • Delete Pages.
  • Moderate Casting forum.
  • Moderate the Casting nexus.
  • Change group options.

Grand Mushling

  • Has all rights (except for Party Start).
  • Modify and assign roles.
  • Invite members.