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The Vending Machine is where players can spend Klix Klix (Mush real-life currency) to buy food, unique ship upgrades, and cosmetic items for your character. Being a Icon Mush restricts from buying consumables.
Most purchases are only able to be consumed by the purchasing individual. Some purchases can be used by other crew members. These are indicated by the shared icon: Shared.png


Vending machine food is great in a pinch, but can only be purchased once per ship. They can be purchased for 4 Klix.

Image Name
Effects Details
Ration 4.jpg Lombrick Bar
Vending Machine
6 Action Point
2 Morale
8 Satisfaction
Does not perish.
Ration 8.jpg Superitamin Bar
Vending Machine
8 Action Point
4 Movement Point
6 Satisfaction
Does not perish. 55% chance to cause the disease slight nausea.
Ration 3.jpg Space Potato
Vending Machine
8 Action Point
8 Satisfaction
Does not perish.
Ration 2.jpg Proactive Puffed Rice
Vending Machine
10 Action Point
5 Satisfaction
Does not perish. 55% chance to damage a door.
Fruit13.jpg Jumpkin
Vending Machine
3 Action Point
1 Morale
1 Health Point
0 Satisfaction.

May only be sold during October/Halloween. Information obtained at Twinpedia.


Containers contain multiple items that can be extracted as needed. They can only be purchased once per ship and cost 4 Klix.

Image Name
Pill box.jpg Survival Kit
Vending Machine
Contains 2 Icon Bandages and 2 Icon Drugs. Effects of the drugs in the kit are visible to all.
Lunchbox.jpg Lunchbox
Vending Machine
Contains 3 Icon Standard Rations
Coffee thermos.jpg Coffee Thermos
Vending Machine
Gives 4 Icon Coffees


These projects can be purchased in the Vending Machine for 8 Klix.

The projects available for purchase depend on which character you're playing, with the probability noted below.

Unlike normal NERON Projects, these do not earn glory for Icon Kuan Ti.

Icon Note: As of Episode VI, certain gold projects are appearing through trades. Whether this is a bug is unknown.

Character Image Name Details
Icon Jin Su 100%
Icon Kuan Ti 50%
Icon Gioele 33%
Whos who.png ACTOPI Protocol Displays a uniquely colored pixel indicating who is on board on the tracker. Useful for tracking anyones slightest movements.
  • Displays the identity of crewmembers on the Tracker
Icon Chao 100%
Icon Stephen 100%
Icon Roland 25%
Icon Derek ??%
Call of dirty.png Dynarcade Dynarcade, this old war machine originally put together to train rookies can easily be converted into a video game.
Now Available in Alpha Bay 2. Lets you unwind a little at the expense of a few contusions.
  • Costs 1 Action Point per try. Success gives +2 Morale, failure -1 Health Point.

Icon Note: Displayed as Call of Dirty in the Vending Machine.

Icon Janice 100%
Icon Eleesha 50%
Icon Paola 50%
Icon Derek ??%
Beat box.png Jukebox Makes the Jukebox available in Alpha Bay 2. Lets you relax while listening to some tunes.
  • Each character has a specific song associated that gives +2 Morale if you are in the room at cycle change when your song plays.
Icon Ian 50%
Icon Terrence 30%
Icon Hua 20%
Parasite elim.png Nano-ladybugs Vaporized nano-ladybugs. Why on earth did nobody think of this before!
  • Growth duration of young plants in the garden will be reduced by 2 cycles.
Icon Finola 100%
Icon Chun 50%
Icon Raluca 50%
Icon Andie ??%
Noise reducer.png Noise Reducer Is the infernal din of the engines stopping you from realizing your potential? There's a solution for that.
  • Increases maximum Pa slot1.png for all crewmembers by 2.
Icon Kuan Ti 50%
Icon Raluca 50%
Icon Terrence 30%
Trash load.png Scrap Heap Generates 4 pieces of scrap metal and 4 pieces of plastic scrap.
Icon Note: Items will drop in the room where purchase was made. First though, empty inventory slots are filled.
Icon Eleesha 50%
Icon Paola 50%
Icon Gioele 33%
Icon Roland 25%
Icon Terrence 13%
Apero kitchen.png SNC Kitchen 'The SNC R&D has updated the ultimate productivity killer. And we've found their stash! Watch out for fallout. DRINKS!
  • Upgrades the Refectory kitchen.
  • The SNC Kitchen gives each player present a +6% chance of gaining +1 XP from Cycle 6 onwards.
  • Happy Hours on cycle 7 allow you to gain 2 XP.
  • There must be at least 2 people present for a successful aperitif.
    Icon Note: Can make the people present dirty.
Icon Hua 80%
Icon Roland 25%
Icon Terrence 13%
Icon Andie ??%
Neron targeting assist.png Targeting Assist NERON can also make life easier for you. A small patch in the instrument panel filling algorithm and voilà!
  • Improved in-flight and turret targeting by 15%

Icon Bug: Actually improves both by 25%, giving any Icon Pilot an instant 99% hit chance.

Icon Frieda 100%
Icon Ian 50%
Icon Gioele 33%
Icon Derek ??%
Thalasso.png Thalasso If you are not Icon Mush, each shower has a 20% chance of giving you +1 Lp.png, +1 Moral.png or +2 Pa slot2.png
Icon Chun 50%
Icon Roland 25%
Icon Terrence 13%
Icon Derek ??%
Floor heating.png Underfloor Heating Puts an end to the stellar coldness of the Daedalus' parquet flooring. From now on, you're in the warmth!
  • Reduces injuries caused by actions by 25%

ACTOPI Protocol

ACTOPI Protocol displays each person on board with their own individually colored dot and shows the initials of the people in the room when you hover over that room on the mini-map. The display key is as follows:

Character Color/
Character Color/
Icon Chao


Icon Janice


Icon Chun


Icon Jin Su


Icon Eleesha


Icon Kuan Ti


Icon Finola


Icon Paola


Icon Frieda


Icon Raluca


Icon Gioele


Icon Roland


Icon Hua


Icon Stephen


Icon Ian


Icon Terrence


Icon Andie


Icon Derek



The jukebox is great for a little relaxation session from time to time. An awesome jukebox from back in the day. Even better, it comes pre-loaded with the crew's favourite tunes!

Author Song Crewmate who get a bonus Crewmate who don´t get a bonus
Pete Richardson There's no excuse (for being a **) Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ? Eleesha,
Epoq It's been emotional... Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ? Eleesha, Janice,
Stand Well Back Exploding Trousers Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ? Eleesha, Janice, Raluca,
Rustic Vines The Next Adventure Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ? Eleesha, Janice, Raluca,
All she wrote 7AM Already ? Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ? Eleesha, Raluca,
I've got flip flops What is wrong with my arse ft. Lance? Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ? Eleesha, Raluca,
The Liabilities Croatian Sailing Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ? Raluca,
Outside Now Are you looking at my girl / drink / girl's drink ? Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ? Eleesha, Raluca,
Massive Expenditure Al's Ballad Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ? Raluca,
Hugh Schafting Victory Tab Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ? Eleesha, Raluca,
The Patrol Dublin Calling Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ? Eleesha, Raluca,
Unopened Treasures Mieke's Grammar Book Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ? Eleesha, Raluca,
Stoolpipe Fury Sunday Club Anthem Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ?
Sir Jimmy 92nd Crescendo in A minor Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ? Eleesha,
Larkin & The Hillbillies WINE ! WINE ! WINE ! Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ? Eleesha, Raluca,
DTF Booty Call (The More the Merrier) Icon TODO: ? Icon TODO: ? Eleesha, Raluca,


These flair items can be purchased for 6 Klix.

Icon Note: Bumpkinoid is purchased for 12 Klix

Name Image Details
Robot Butler Drone.png A completely useless assistant, but it does look awesome!
Cognitive Overload Gears.png Your brain is working overtime. Watch out for collateral neural impact damage.
Foul Mood Hoveringcloud.png Spread bad moods and cynicism, a little cloud follows you wherever you go.
Let's Groove Music.png Are we ready to party or what?
And then there was light... Rayoflight.png You see the void, you know the unthinkable, You know the truth. You are enlightened.
Innocence Incarnate Ring.png Inner peace is written all across your face... well just above your head to be more precise!
Bumpkinoid Supercitrouille.png Your Pumpkinesophilia is getting out of control
Interior Void Thinking.png ...
Melting Hearts Trailinghearts.png Spread peace and love by leaving a little trail of cute hearts wherever you go...
Bubblehead Bubblehead.png To ensure you stand out from the crowd in this intersidereal void


Skins can be purchased for 25 Klix. Once purchased they are permanently unlocked and you can switch between skins on your account page.

Image Details
Eleesha williams 1.png Eleesha Williams
An elegant, practical outfit, idea for strolling through the Daedalus unencumbered. Usable ad infinitum.
Finola keegan$1.png Finola Keegan
May the Force be with you !
Frieda bergmann$1.png Frieda Bergmann
Albus Mc Gonadalf set.
Gioele rinaldo$1.png Gioele Rinaldo
Ideally right after a nice shower, that right there'll get your blood pumping...
Ian soulton 1.png Ian Soulton
A labcoat is always good for making people take you seriously. Usable ad infinitium.
Janice kent 1.png Janice Kent
A charming négligé, ideal for nights in good company Spring/Summer/Leather Collection. Usable ad infinitum.
Jiang hua 1.png Jiang Hua
A 100% Organic outfit, ideal for autumnal dancing.
Kim jin su 1.png Kim Jin Su
Formal-Commandant Style!
Kim jin su 2.png Kim Jin Su
A costume guaranteed to strike fear in the hearts of hemophiliacs!
Lai Kuan Ti 1.PNG Lai Kuan Ti
Oh gold hearted captain, you watch over the galaxy and our liberty too!
Paola rinaldo$1.png Paola Rinaldo
Mrs Claus has a special present just for you...
Raluca tomescu 1.png Raluca Tomescu
A silk evening dress, perfect for those gothic evening engagements.
Roland zuccali$1.png Roland Zuccali
Space goblin here, someone requested a reading of the riot act?
Stephen seagull 1.png Stephen Seagull
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Terrence archer 1.png Terrence Archer
You get the feeling you're going faster than before, or not.
Wang chao 1.png Wang Chao
Make a statement in this 80s outfit made of leather, leather and more leather. There will be blood... usable ad infinitum.
Zhong chun$1.png Zhong Chun
Chun multi-pass ! Muuuulti-paaasss !