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Derek hogan portrait.jpg
Derek sprite.png Derek Hogan
Derek earns 2 Glory for every reciprocal act of love.
First Time

You have never done it. Your first time will refill your morale to the max.

1 Icon Shooter
2 Icon Wrestler
3 Icon Firefighter
4 Icon Motivator
5 Icon Hygienist
Position on title lists:
#8 Icon Commander
#18 Icon NERON Administrator
#8 Icon Communications Officer

Sergeant Derek Hogan is a new character introduced with Icon Episode III. When Derek and Icon Andie Graham are in play, they replace Icon Wang Chao and Icon Finola Keegan. The ship then inhabits an alternate timeline version where Finola was not captured and Chao died in the attempt to bring her in.

Derek Hogan is in charge of Daedalus security. Strong and self-confident, he will be a definite asset for the success of this extreme mission. His past is a succession of events each more unbelievable than the next. Derek has seen it all, battlefields on Sol, Tau-Ceti suicide missions... Yet he is still looking for his soulmate. Since leaving home in a hurry, Derek has devoted his existence to all females, who are not as keen towards him as he is towards them.

How to play

As a security chief, Derek is less focused on detective work than Icon Chao, instead acting primarily as the "muscle" of the Icon Mush hunt. He can also counter more aggressive Mush tactics with his resistances and firefighting abilities.

Icon Bronze

You have only a single skill to pick, so choose wisely. As always, having a look at the situation and skill book first is a good idea.
(While Icon Firefighter and Icon Motivator can be helpful additions, they are not worth picking on their own.)
Icon Shooter - Always helpful. Unlike Chao, Derek gains normal Action Point from sleep. This, along with the lack of a specific job, makes him a good candidate for learning Icon Pilot. The Morale bonus from his trait also means that he can afford to eat a few Icon Standard Rations uncooked on his flights, saving further Action Point.
Icon Wrestler - The fact that Derek gets this skill cheaply, the ability to move Icon Ian and its utility for trading Icon Inactive players makes this a very good choice. Probably the best if the initial Icon Mage Book is something other than Pilot.
Icon Hygienist - If you get this skill, you can become half a Icon Chun and hunt the Mush with little fear of infection. Claim and keep the Icon Knife in that case, to keep it safe and make up for your lack of combat skills.

Icon Silver

Silver Derek has a lot of options to choose from. As in Bronze, Icon Wrestler is better in fights, but can always be substituted by Icon Shooter depending on the number of Icon Inactive players and access to Icon Pilot books.
Icon Wrestler / Icon Hygienist - A most efficient Mush hunter, both aggressively and defensively. They can neither turn you easily, nor escape or hide behind Icon Ian.
Icon Wrestler / Icon Firefighter - Firefighter allows you to spend some Action Point efficiently on the respective NERON Projects (especially Sprinklers which is slow)... and possibly save the ship if the Mush sabotage the Icon Extinguishers.
Icon Hygienist / Icon Firefighter - The interesting synergy with this combination is that looking for fires can force you to move around a lot, which you can use to foil a Icon Trapper with your resistance.
Icon Shooter / Icon Wrestler - Why choose when you can have both? Also the cheapest set of skills XP wise, though using weapons as a Wrestler adds little to your combat prowess.

Icon Gold

Always choose Icon Hygienist. The one skill you drop should depend on the situation.
Icon Motivator is very weak as long as it only gives Icon Bug: 2 Movement Point, so Icon Firefighter is usually better even when the extinguishers are safe.

Icon Mush

  • Without any specialist skills of his own, Derek is expected to do generalist work. This is good for a Mush because many of these tasks (important door/equipment repairs, Fuel fuel loading) will give him a valid excuse to be Icon Dirty. They also allow him to make a show of spending Action Point to help the ship.
  • Mush Derek excels at doing a LOT of damage as a Icon Wrestler, especially when fueled by Icon Phagocyte. What other Mush can do only when the crew leaves the Icon Knife lying around, he can do better with his bare hands. If the humans are slow to research Constipaspore Serum or at least Antispore Gas, he can use the day-change spore reset to gain even more Action Point for his murderous deeds.
  • Derek has a unique excuse for being very eager to do the thing, which can also transfer spores.
  • As a Icon Firefighter, Derek can lull the crew into a false sense of security that they are protected against a Mush plan that targets their Icon Extinguishers.

Useful tips

  • Derek has a special trait: Icon First Time. The first time he does the thing, his Morale gauge is re-filled to the maximum (14 Morale for a Bronze player, 16 Morale for a Icon Gold Mode player).
    • While his personal objective compels Derek to chase after as many women as possible (in accordance with his bio), this mechanic actually rewards players who wait until the morale meter is low.
  • Because of the grave threat posed by a Icon Wrestler with lots of Action Point saved up, people will become nervous if you do not spend them while the Icon Mush are still alive. Even if you are a confirmed human, they might use Icon Transfer to rampage in your body.
    • Thus, don't be surprised if you are killed for not spending enough Action Point or going Icon Inactive. If you can't be active enough to keep your Action Point gauge low, Derek is not a good character to play.
    • While keeping your Action Point low for safety, carry a ration in your inventory. You can use it for a quick Action Point boost in an emergency, but a Mush stealing your body via Icon Transfer can't.


  • As with Icon Andie Graham, Derek's character artwork has been done by a different artist. Mathieu "Ani" Leyssenne, the original Mush artist, no longer works with Motion Twin.


Born on Earth.
Derek first cut himself when he wanted to shave his adolescent face fuzz for the first time. The scar has never healed but he swears blind to anyone who'll listen (and especially to future conquests), that he picked the wound up on the battlefields of Tau-Ceti.
Derek joins the SDF (Sol Defence Force) after receiving some propaganda literature. His mother forbids him to leave home, Derek decided to burn his bridges, and from then on, Derek's been flying solo.
Derek climbs the ladder slowly but surely, as since his childhood he's always been a dogsbody which means his superiors quickly notice him. He is sent to Sol and takes part in the Great Battle. A battlefield scout, he surprises the powers that be by taking a forward enemy position single-handedly. By his own admission, he didn't notice the communications tower before plowing into it... In recognition of his bravery on the field of battle, Derek was promoted to sergeant.
After several missions of limited scope, Derek is moved to Xyloph-17 to supervise the Magellan project, reporting all the details and actions of the scientists orbiting Jupiter. He meets Wang Chao, but didn't become friends with him, preferring the company of travelers on Xyloph-17. Poor Derek, his poor relationships and his increasingly problematic relationships with the station's female personnel earned him a trip back to the field.
Derek was charged with many small missions, and always managed to get good results. His colleagues often complained about his dreadful decision making, but also acknowledging that the guy has a lucky streak a mile wide. With a small squad, he successfully rescued Wang Chao who had been sent to Encelade. In the upper echelons of the SDF, he was seen by some as a rising star, but by others as a taker of unnecessary risks. Unfortunately the latter were more common and more senior, which meant he swiftly became the training sergeant in an SDF affiliated school.
Faced with the catastrophic results produced by the students under Hogan's tutelage, his superiors sent him back into the field.
Commander Jin-su took Derek under his wing, and soon entrusted him with an unofficial extraction mission. Unfortunately he turned out to be unable to disarm the scientist Finola Keagan's home security system. In her wisdom, she left her toybox open, exposing Derek to weaponry the likes of which he'd never imagined, causing the sergeant to lose his memory and some potency. His companion in this mission, Wang Chao, was killed by a squad of vigilante quadrupeds. He experienced a mighty pain in the butt before he eventually gave in to his injuries.
Derek manages to get on board the Daedalus alongside the other 15 crew members. Never again will he be manipulated by the SDF!