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Icon Firefighter
Description: The Firefighter has great experience which means they will always succeed when using the extinguisher.
  • The Extinguish Fire action is always successful.
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects.
Learned by: Icon Derek 3
Icon Roland 4
Icon Ian 5
Icon Mage Book
If Icon Mush: Kept

A skill with situational utility. A Firefighter always succeeds at extinguishing fires when using an Icon Extinguisher, which can save quite few Action Point if used by an active character on a long-running ship.

As of Episode III, they can even attempt to manually extinguish fires, though with a very low success rate, making them the one thing apart from upgraded Icon Support Drones that can save a ship where Icon Extinguishers are in short supply (meaning the Icon Mush stole or dismantled them).

Then again, if you have access to higher skills like Icon Creative and Icon Frugivore, you may not wish to use this on a Bronze or Silver character.

Affected actions

1 Action Point Extinguish (Icon Extinguisher):

  • Always successful.

2 Action Point Participate (NERON's Core):

NERON project Automatic Sprinklers
NERON project Fire Detector

New Action

1 Action Point Extinguish manually

  • Success chance: 10%
  • Requires: A fire in the room
  • Target: None
  • Effect: Attempts to extinguish the fire in the current room. High chance of 2 Health Point accident.
  • Icon Public log: Icon [Firefighter] put out the fire!