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Icon Shooter
Description: At ease handling all kinds of weapons
  • +2 Free Shots Pa shoot.png per day.
  • Your off-target shots cause 2 times fewer accidents.
  • Your successful shots cause 2 times as many critical hits.
  • Bonus : +1 to expedition combat strength.
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects.
Learned by: Icon Chao 1
Icon Derek 1
Icon Paola 3
Icon Roland 3
Icon Jin Su 4
Icon Stephen 4
Icon Terrence 4
Icon Mage Book
If Icon Mush: Kept

The use of this skill depends on the character taking it. Icon Roland and Icon Terrence will get the most use out of this skill by combining it with Icon Pilot and taking out Hunters. Icon Jin Su (unless also a pilot) and Icon Paola can use it to take some shots from the front turrets while Icon Derek, Icon Stephen and Icon Chao are most likely to spend their Free Shot trying to turn your innards into outtards.

Because the combination is so effective, Shooters should always be the first in line for a Icon Pilot Mage Book and vice versa. (Only Chao is an exception due to his Icon Hyperactive trait.)

When going on expedition, make sure that every Shooter carries at least one blaster or rifle for optimal combat performance.

Affected actions

1 Action Point Fire: <Weapon> (Weapons):

  • If any Free Shot is available, 1 Free Shot is used instead of Action Point.
  • Critical miss chance halved.
  • Critical hit chance doubled.

1 Action Point Fire (Turret Command, Patrol Ships):

  • If any Free Shot is available, 1 Free Shot is used instead of Action Point.
  • Critical hit chance doubled. Icon TODO: Needs confirmation

2 Action Point Participate (NERON's Core):

NERON project Blaster Gun

Additional effects

  • Gains 2 Free Shot per day, to a maximum of 4.
  • Expedition: +1 strength if there is at least one gun in the Shooter's inventory. (Stacks with the +1 to Blasters from Centauri Base.)