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Icon Wrestler
Description: The wrestler's german suplex makes the vertebrae of your enemies tremble.
  • Your attacks in hand-to-hand combat inflict an additional 2 damage.
  • Icon Undocumented: You can kick people out of a room.
Learned by: Icon Derek 2
Icon Chao 3
If Icon Mush: Kept

Wrestler allows you to kill an unprotected crew member in five hits, guaranteed! Unlike Icon Shooter, however, it does not offer the benefits of free points to deal with Icon Pacifist or Icon Crazy Eye. But, also unlike Shooter, this skill allows you to scream "STONE COLD STUNNER" after killing someone.

As of Episode III, Wrestler and Icon Solid characters can now boot a crewmember into an adjacent room for 2 Action Point (or 1 Action Point if the person is Icon Inactive). Their destination is random and cannot be controlled. This is useful for moving inactives to storage rooms.

Affected actions

1 Action Point Kick Off (Other characters)

  • Deals +2 Health Point damage, for 3-5 Health Point unless Icon Solid as well.

General effects

  • New action: 2 Action Point Kick them out !
    • Target: Other characters
    • Effect: Throws the target character into a random adjacent room.
    • Icon Public log: Icon [Wrestler] has put [target] through the door. It's like The Shining in here, someone get a cleanup crew over here!