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Icon Phagocyte
Description: In hard times, you have THE SOLUTION.
  • For 0 Action Point, you can devour a Spore which gives you 4 Action Point and 4 Health Point.
Learned by: Icon Mush 1 If Icon Mush: Only

Phagocyte is one of the most universal utility skills available to the Icon Mush. At the expense of a Icon Spore it restores a considerable 4 Action Point and 4 Health Point, turning it into the closest thing the Mush have to a food substitute. Before Constipaspore Serum and/or Antispore Gas are researched, Phagocyte can be used for a number of interesting plays, as it restores more Action Point than extracting the Icon Spore costs, however the daily extraction limit draws a clear line in its utility.

Phagocyte is exceptional in that it's Invisible, meaning it can only be detected by action-revealing skills such as Icon Torturer or Icon Premonition. Therefore, you can pair it with consumption of a regular Icon Cooked Ration to create the illusion of having recovered Action Point from eating; this may be helpful to fool players who keep track of everybody's activity levels.

Icon Bug: The action tooltip states the action is Icon Covert; this is not true, as it's actually Invisible.

General effects

  • New action: Phagocyte
    • Requires: 1 Icon Spore
    • Effect: Restores 4 Action Point and 4 Health Point to the user.
    • Invisible: None