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Finola keegan portrait.jpg
Finola sprite.png Finola Keegan
Finola earns 3 Glory for every completed piece of Mush research.
Germaphobic.png Germaphobe

You lose one morale (Morale) point for every cycle you remain dirty. You're also banned from stroking the cat.

1 Icon Biologist
2 Icon Medic
3 Icon Nurse
4 Icon Diplomat
5 Icon OCD
Position on title lists:
#11 Icon Commander
#5 Icon NERON Administrator
#14 Icon Communications Officer

Finola was there when most of the key discoveries were made about Mush. When she is contacted by Lai Kuan-Ti who told her about the Daedalus project, she refused to leave Antemis where she was working on her own fungicide project. Assisted by his henchmen, Kuan-Ti kidnapped Finola, had her cryogenically frozen against her will and took her along on the mission.

How to play

Finola will spend most of her time either in the Laboratory doing research, or in the Medlab bed regaining Action Point to do more research. Her initial work will weaken any Icon Mush aboard the crew whilst late-game Finola will spend her time researching the coveted Icon Retro-Fungal Serum and various support projects, including four which only serve to give the crew (and her) Glory points.

Icon Bronze

Icon Biologist: Finola's default skill, should only be taken if you don't have Medic. The only upside of Biologist is that it provides a bonus to two NERON Projects, only one of which is useful. But if you are working on Projects as Finola, you are doing it wrong.
Icon Medic: Provides the same research boost as Biologist, as well as bonus healing. Superior in every way - do spend the 5 XP to get this instead.

Icon Silver

Icon Biologist/Icon Medic: Provides the highest research output and requires the smallest investment. The best choice if you are doing most of the researching.
Icon Medic/Icon Diplomat: These skills assist the crew with expeditions, both during the exploration and when patching everyone up afterwards. And Medic is better than Nurse even for healing.

Icon Gold

Depending on your personal preference, you should drop either Icon OCD or Icon Nurse. OCD allows you to be more versatile without the need for an apron, doing dirty jobs like emergency repairs, pulling coffe, loading fuel or holding plants in your inventory on longer trips. Nurse will give you the ability to heal or operate on people (or yourself) for free once a day, which can be useful as well.

Icon Mush

With no excuse to ever get Icon Dirty, Finola will usually function as a mimic, trying to appear cooperative while doing her best to not be too effective (working on second best projects, not being around for relay times etc.). It can also be an attractive option for her to look for a better host to Icon Transfer into after a good showering, and then get rid of her old body, aka the human team's main researcher.

Useful tips

  • Finola should always have the Icon Stainproof Apron within arm's reach. Research can make her dirty and her Icon Germaphobe trait requires her to rush to the shower whenever this happens.
  • Icon Chun and Icon Ian often hang around the lab. Communicate often with them so everyone can work at their best efficiency.
  • Finola only earns Glory if she is the one to complete the research


Born on Earth.
Finola takes a position in the Rinaldo prison corporation to ensure the medical well-being of detainees on Tau-Ceti. She took her place in a cryo-wagon in the last interstellar convoy heading for Antemis.
The extreme working conditions in which the miners worked combined with the outdated tools they worked with made accidents much more commonplace. Finola's emergency room is always full. Neither the corporation nor the federation are willing to allocate more funding. Finola is furious.
A massive vaccination campaign against space flu begins on Tau-Ceti. Finola analyses a sample of the vaccine and proves that it doesn't contain a single anti-flu component. She asked for more information from the laboratories on Earth, but her requests fell on deaf ears. At the same time as the slave vaccine rumour was coming out, the rebellion erupted and seized control of Tau Ceti. Finola, who supported the miners, tried to calm their rage. She wanted to dissuade the leaders of the rebellion from declaring war on Sol.
Baranov's armed forces were neutralized on Sol. When she tried to operate on the wounded rebels, Finola detected significant anomalies in their nervous system. She put together a study cell to analyze these cases but her superiors forced her to stop the research. After narrowly escaping being killed twice in suspicious lab accidents, she made up her mind to flee the rebel base at Antemis and rejoin the Federation. Before she left, she entrusted an infected bone-marrow sample to her botanist colleague Ian Soulton so that he could continue her secret research on Antemis.
Once back in the federation, Finola continued her research and rapidly established a link between the Tamina incident and the mycelium strains found in the bone marrow retrieved during the autopsies of the dead soldiers. Ian Soulton's findings confirm the theory that this is an intelligent invasion. Following his work, references to Mush began to appear in scientific literature, but the government paid no attention.
Back on Antemis, Finola finds her colleague Ian Soulton. Convinced that the leaders of the rebellion are infected, and acting clandestinely, she decides to build a mycoscanner. If the project gets completed, the scanner will be able to detect the presence of Mush in any individual in real time thus forming another rebellion.
Eleesha Williams, a clandestine journalist who had already published some of Finola's research, contacts her to warn her of the degradation of the Federation's situation. Several members of the parliament including GL Maubrick were infected by Mush. She proposes that Finola join the team aboard the Daedalus, a ship headed for another galaxy, but Finola finds the idea of abandoning the majority of human lives in favour of a few well-placed individuals scandalous. Her colleague Ian Soulton doesn't share that sentiment and sets off for Jupiter.
Finola is kidnapped from outside her home by henchmen from the Magellan project. She is cryogenically frozen on Jupiter without being given a chance to speak.
When she awakens aboard the Daedalus, Finola is more than 170,000 light years from Earth. While she slept, Mush has no doubt taken control of all officials on Sol. This might explain the presence of federation fighters surrounding the ship.