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Icon Biologist
Description: Highly skilled in laboratory research.
Learned by: Icon Finola 1
Icon Ian 2
Icon Paola 4
Icon Mage Book
If Icon Mush: Kept

Biologist is an entirely passive skill that turns people into competent researchers. While both Icon Medic and Icon Polyvalent are clearly superior, this skill is accessible to a larger number of people.

Icon Note: The actual bonus is 4-6%.

Bronze Icon Finola should swap this for Medic as soon as she can. She'll lose a bonus on one useful NERON project, but in turn gains bonus healing and the ability to perform surgeries. Of course, taking both means you get two research bonuses.

A Biologist Icon Ian can contribute twice as much in between watering his precious bananas, and Icon Paola can speed up research after she finished phoning her boyfriend. From a Icon Mage Book, it should obviously go to a person able to do lots of research.

At least somebody having the skill can be important in case something happens to the main researcher (Finola or Icon Andie), in order to keep the lab work going, especially by having someone who can advance the Research project Retrofungal Serum by more than 1%.

Affected actions

2Action Point Participate (Research Lab):

  • +4-6% bonus to efficiency on all research.

2Action Point Participate (NERON's Core):

NERON project Convenient Sink
NERON project Oxygenated Ducts

Affected items


  • Effects of consumption can be read.