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Icon Medic
Description: Medics have full medical training, allowing them to carry out rapid, appropriate procedures. They are also skilled in surgery
  • Heal actions earn an additional 2 Lp.png.
  • Can carry out Operations.
  • Can read properties of medicines.
  • +4% bonus' on all laboratory Research.
Learned by: Icon Finola 2

Icon Mage Book

If Icon Mush: Kept

Medic is a great, if rare, skill that lets you do everything a Icon Biologist can do (except for a bonus to Oxygenated Ducts), and gives you the ability to perform surgeries on top, as well as a significant bonus to healing.

Icon Note: The actual research bonus is 4-6%.

Even though you can already see what these "tasty candies" in the Medbay actually do, this skill combines well with Icon Nurse for "free" healing and operations, and with Biologist for even better research. But if forced to choose, Icon Finola should pick this skill first.

New action

  • 3 Action Point Surgery
    • Requires: Medlab or Medikit
    • Effect: Removes injuries. Can be a great success, giving an additional 5 Glory, or fail, ususally causing sepsis instead.
    • Icon Public log

Affected actions

2Action Point Participate (Research Lab):

  • +4-6% bonus to efficiency on all research.

2Action Point Heal

  • +2 Health Point restored, for a total of 5 Health Point

Affected items


  • Effects of consumption can be read.