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Icon Diplomat
Description: A good diplomat knows how to communicate effectively with extra-terrestrials.
  • Eliminates the chance of encountering hostility from extra-terrestrials.
  • Can declare a ceasefire once per game.
Learned by: Icon Finola 4
Icon Janice 4
Icon Mage Book
If Icon Mush: Kept

Having a Diplomat take part in expeditions prevents all 'fight' events that can take place in various zones. Along with the benefit of reducing expedition damage in various Zones, having a diplomat inherently increases the chance of recovering an Alien Artifact (Not including the Caverns zone).

Having both a Diplomat and a Icon Babel Module improves this further and will significantly improve the chances of a successful Eden ending.

Along with this expedition bonus, diplomats may also declare a ceasefire once per game, which makes you a super Icon Pacifist for 3 cycles.

Having a Diplomat on the bridge can result in better trade offers being available to the Comms Manager.

General effects

  • When on an Expedition, removes any possibility of a Fight event.
  • New action: 1 Action Point Ceasefire
    • Target: None
    • Effect: Prevents any Aggressive actions in the same room as the Diplomat, and kicking people out. Lasts 3 cycles.
    • Single Action; can only be performed once per game.

Ceasefire being used:

Any aggressive action will display:


This ability often goes unused, but does have a few situations where it can be extremely powerful:

  • As a precaution against attacks with explosives when a large group of people will be grouped up in a room (such as when preparing for an expedition or for a motivational speech).
  • As a precaution against aggressive Mush actions (such as Infect or Demoralize, but not traps) in a room without a Icon Camera or Icon Myco-Alarm.
  • To protect vital crewmembers in a "safe room" during a Mush rampage, whilst people save up Action Point to retaliate.
  • As a Mush, to be safe from being killed (or kicked out of bed) for 3 cycles after being discovered.

Icon Note: Ceasefire will automatically end at the start of the third cycle after it was initiated, so if you call it at the end of a cycle, you only get two full cycles of protection out of it. A ceasefire will also end if the diplomat who initiated the ceasefire leaves the room.