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The daily grind in the depths of space asks a lot of the Daedalus crew , who find their mental and physical Health diminishing with each passing day. Maintaining your Health Point Health Points and Morale Morale is one of your many responsibilities in the fight against the Icon Mush, which eventually proves difficult as you are beset by Dangers from all sides. Deaths of vital personnel and depleted resources will drive you to carefully guard every precious point you have, and force you to cooperate with others to restore them as efficiently as possible.

To the left of the play area is the display for your health. Over your picture is a collection of icons representing special statuses, and just below that are your Health Point and Morale gauges. Special statuses can be good or bad, and hovering over the icons will give a description and sometimes advice.

Health Points

Health Point Health Points are a measurement of your physical well-being. When they drop to zero, your character will die and you will be removed from the game.

Health Points are capped at 14 Health Point. If you are playing in Icon Gold Mode, you gain a bonus of +2 Health Point, making 16 Health Point your total maximum.

Ways to gain Health Points

Source Gain
Surviving for a day +1 Health Point
Eating a Icon Banana +1 Health Point
Eating certain alien fruit +1 Health Point
Healed using Icon Bandage +2 Health Point
Healed using Icon Medikit +3 Health Point *
Eating a spore using Icon Phagocyte +4 Health Point
Mutating +4 Health Point

* Increased by 1 Health Point with Ultra-Healing Pomade researched.
* Increased by 2 Health Point if used by a Icon Medic.

Ways to lose Health Points

Source Loss
Random Damage 2 Health Point *
Room Shaking 1-3 Health Point
Steel Plate 4-6 Health Point
Room on Fire 0-2 Health Point
Every cycle Icon Starving 1 Health Point
Combat: Kick Off 1-3 Health Point **
Combat: Hit by Icon Knife 1-5 Health Point
Combat: Hit by Icon Blaster 2-3 Health Point
Combat: Hit by Icon Old Faithful 2-3 Health Point
Combat: Hit by Icon Natamy Rifle 2-4 Health Point ***
Combat: Hit by Icon Lizaro Jungle 3-5 Health Point
Combat: Hit by Icon Rocket Launcher ?-8 Health Point
Combat: Throwing a Icon Grenade 0-3 Health Point
Combat: Hit by Icon Grenade 0-10 Health Point

* This damage has a (low) chance of occurring whenever a player picks up an item, repairs a broken piece of equipment or object, or uses a piece of equipment or object, same as using free Search action of Metalworker skill . Picking any item, including Icon iTrakie, can cause the damage. There is an elevated and reliable chance for a non-Raluca player to be scratched for 2 Health Point each time they pick up Schrödinger.
** Increased by 2 Health Point for {Skill|Wrestler}} and 1 Health Point for Icon Solid. *** 6-13 Health Point if victim is a Icon Mush. A Natamy Rifle also might cause up to 3 injuries at one shot, even if human, which makes the Natamy an assassination weapon only (mush-testing with it is sanctionable)

Icon Note: All combat damage is reduced by 1 Health Point each (stacking) by the following: Icon Plastenite Armor, Icon Hard Boiled, though it is reportedly bugged at times when a mush player holds both the Armor and the skill. Mush who mutate will also have some additional damage protection.

Morale Points

Morale Morale Points represent your character's mental integrity. When Morale Morale drops to zero, the character will commit suicide and you will be removed from the game at the next cycle change.

As with Health Point, Morale is capped at 14 Morale. If you are playing in Icon Gold Mode, you gain a bonus of +2 Morale, making 16 Morale your total maximum.

The Icon Mush's Morale is always at maximum and cannot be influenced. This may prompt Icon Mush players to keep track of the Morale they otherwise would have as regular human crewmember, so that they can defend themselves in case of doubt.

You wake up from cryosleep with 7 Morale (or 8 Morale in Icon Gold Mode).

Ways to gain Morale Points

Source Gain
Eating a Icon Banana 1 Morale
Eating certain alien fruit 1 Morale
Consuming certain medicines 1-3 Morale
Cycle spent lying down around Icon Shrink 1 Morale
Comforted by a Icon Shrink 2 Morale
Receiving a speech from a Icon Leader 2 Morale
Doing the thing 2 Morale **
Caressing Icon Schrödinger (once per game) 3 Morale
Using the Icon Alien Holographic TV (once per game) 3 Morale
Rebel Base Transmission: CYGNI 3 Morale
Rebel Base Transmission: KALADAAN 6 Morale
Comms Link first established 3 Morale *
Getting found after being lost. 3 Morale

* For everyone already out of cryo. ** 16 for Derek on the first time

Ways to lose Morale Points

Source Loss
Certain Icon disorders (70% chance) 1 Morale
Crew member death 1 Morale *
Consuming Icon Alien Steak or Icon Standard Ration (uncooked) 1 Morale
Consuming certain medicines 2 Morale
Consuming Icon Organic Waste 4 Morale
Surviving for a day 2 Morale **
Suffering a Panic Attack 3 Morale
Being lost on a planet for a cycle 1 Morale
Icon Germaphobe: Cycle spent Icon Dirty 1 Morale
Icon Antisocial: Cycle spent around crewmates 1 Morale
Icon Raluca: Death of Icon Schrödinger 4 Morale
Using Icon Premonition 1 Morale
Victim of Icon Demoralize 2 Morale

* No Morale loss in case of a suicide, trade, quarantine, or if you are Icon Detached Crewmember.
** Reduced by 1 Morale if Icon Mankind's only hope is alive.
** Reduced by 1 Morale if you are Icon The Optimist. (stacks with above)

Satisfaction and Starvation

Satisfaction is a hidden health statistic that relates to food and starvation.

When you eat, you gain Satisfaction points (displayed as Satisfaction in this Wiki) depending on what you eat. Different foods give different amounts, e.g. Icon Standard Rations give 4 Satisfaction while Bananas give 1 Satisfaction. If you're a Icon Mush, you get 4 Satisfaction for any consumable.

You will gain the status Icon Full Stomach when your Satisfaction is 3 Satisfaction or more, and you cannot consume anything (not even 0 Satisfaction items) after that. You lose 1 Satisfaction per cycle. If your Satisfaction was less than 0 before eating, first it resets to zero, and then you get Satisfaction from the consumable.

If you happen to be a human, once your Satisfaction reaches 0 Satisfaction (also the starting value), you will be fine for 24 more cycles. Once that time has elapsed (i.e. you have Satisfaction is less than -24), you will gain the Icon Starving status, and will begin losing 1 Health Point every following cycle without eating. To stop yourself from starving, you need to eat or drink something, except pills, to set your Satisfaction back to 0 Satisfaction or above. A Icon Mush cannot have Icon Starving status.

Given a Health Point Health of 14, and assuming a starting point of 0 Satisfaction, characters who just ate 1 ration for +4 Satisfaction (like new players doing the tutorial) will last over 5 days before death:

Cycles of Satisfaction ticking down + Cycles before starvation starts + Cycles of losing 1 Health Point (+1 for every day change) divided by Number of Cycles in a day
= 4 + 24 + 14 (+1 or +2) Cycles / 8
= 43 or 44 Cycles / 8
= 5.4 to 5.5 days

Other examples:

Gold character with 16 health: (4+24+16+2)/8 = 5.75 days
Hurt character with ~3 health: (4+24+3+1)/8 = ~4 days
Inactive character, no eating: (24+14+2)/8 = 5 days
Tutorial character, no eating: (14+2)/8 = 2 days

The only thing that will affect this process besides the number of day changes is damage people receive in that time from other characters or random room events - or Morale Morale loss causing suicide. This can technically kill them earlier than that, but the overall chances of that are low. If you need to be AFK for a while, get your Health Point and Morale to max and eat that Ration, and you should be fine.


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