The Optimist

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Icon The Optimist
Description: The end of humanity... worse things happen at sea, right?
  • The optimist loses one less Moral.png per day.
Learned by: Icon Kuan Ti 2

Icon Roland 5

If Icon Mush: Lost

Being The Optimist helps you to not despair during the Icon Mush apocalypse.

Having this skill reduces the daily morale loss by 1 Morale. Effectively, that means you do not become depressed just from the passage of time as long as Icon Mankind's only hope is alive.

However, since a mere 1 Morale is pretty cheap to come by (between completely free in the presence of a Icon Shrink to 1 Action Point when cooking a ration), this effect can be considered very weak in all but the most "hopless" morale situations.

  • In comparison: Icon Chun's skill gives this effect to the entire crew.

It is an okay supplementary skill for a Icon Gold Mode Icon Kuan Ti... until he has access to Icon Leader, because the crew as a whole gets more morale from that. (Which in turn frees up other morale sources, like fruits, for KT himself.)

Icon Roland, on the other hand, already gets four superior skills before even unlocking this one.