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Mutate is one of the basic mush actions: All Mush are able to perform this action for 3 Action Point from the start, and no skill slot is required for it.

However, this is not an action which should be used anywhere near the start of the game, as it is irreversible, and will reveal a player as Icon Mush to everyone. In fact, using it too early is a common beginner's mistake.

Upon mutating, the mush player will turn into a Berzerk.png Berserker, making them drop ALL of their items, and lose ALL of their active abilities except for moving, attacking and sabotage (some passive abilities may remain effective). He will also be unable to pick up new items, or speak in the public channel.

The following message will be shown on the log: Player curls up, clearly suffering. The crewmember's cries resonate throughout the room before ungodly bile spews from their mouth and melts their clothing... How horrific! Player has completely mutated!

In turn, mutating will heal the player 4Health Point, and give a permanent Guardian.pngGuardian status, and a bonus to unarmed attacks, comparable to a player having Icon Solid.

When Mutate is used to engage in open battle, it is often as a last resort, and can quickly determine how the game will end. With full Action Point, a mutated Mush can easily kill a healthy human player (unless hindered by Icon Crazy Eye or Icon Pacifist effects).

For better results, several Mush players can arrange a set time for mutating simultaneously as a pack. - Though even then, it is usually more effective to use Weapons first.

Action Unavailable


At times this action can be unavailable. There are multiple occasions where this will happen, but when and where are relatively unknown. One known way is when a mush player is on an expedition. The screenshot on the right was taken by a mush player who had eaten a Cooked Ration after the humans had completed the Constipaspore Serum.