Mankind's only hope

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Icon Mankind's only hope
Description: Her unique immune system makes her the last hope for humanity. As long as she stays alive, we'll have a shot at combating the Mush invasion
  • Daily morale loss is reduced by 1 point
Learned by: Icon Chun 1 If Icon Mush: N/A

Mankind's only hope is Icon Chun's signature skill which reduces the entire crew's daily Morale loss by 1 point. This dramatically reduces the difficulty of keeping crew morale intact and takes a workload off the Icon Shrink and any Icon Leader character on board. The wielder of the skill must be alive for the effect to work.

While Mankind's only hope is a passive effect and therefore boring to use, it is considered mandatory for Chun and should be taken in any skill setup. It is a common Bronze mistake to replace the skill with Icon Nurse, as it seems more beneficial to be able to heal people for free, however Morale is just as important, and, often, an even more important resource than Health Point, and mathematically speaking the Action Point saved in Comfort actions and Motivational Speeches handed out far outweigh the Action Point benefit of any other Chun skills.

The effect will not stack if Icon Stephen chooses to copy the skill with Icon Apprentice.

General effects

  • Daily Morale loss is reduced by 1 point for the entire crew.