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Icon Shrink
Description: The Shrink is in charge of psychological support. They are able to keep morale high and treat psychological illnesses.
  • On each cycle, 1 Morale Point (Morale) is regained by everyone lying down in the room.
  • Treats psychological illnesses.
  • Gives the action Comfort, which increases morale.
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects
Learned by: Icon Janice 1

Icon Mage Book

If Icon Mush: Kept
Being a good Shrink is quite a responsibility.

Icon Janice's core skill, and a common choice for Stephen to Icon Apprentice, because having a Shrink is the single best way to keep up the crew's Morale morale. If you have this skill, you should hang out in the dorms most of your day to keep everyone resting there happy with your passive ability. But don't forget to occasionally walk to the Engine Room and give Icon Raluca a hug.

You can also cure mental disorders over a few cycles of treatment, like Icon Eleesha's innate Disorder Chronic Vertigo (though that is not urgent, since she rarely gets to pilot things). A message in the log will display that treatment is in progress, or has been successful. If the patient happens to be a Icon Mush who has retained a disorder from their time as a human, there is also a small chance for an alternative message that will identify them as such.

Finally, do not forget your own morale, as you are the one person you cannot treat. Try to attend Icon Jin Su's or Icon Kuan Ti's speeches whenever possible, do the thing (with a safe partner) and/or claim surplus Morale-giving fruit to keep yourself happy.

Usual treatment message

Mush treatment clue

Affected actions

2 Action Point Participate (NERON's Core)

NERON project NERON Participation

General effects

  • New action: 1 Action Point Comfort
    • Target: Other Characters
    • Effect: +2 Morale for the target
  • Characters Icon Lying Down gain +1 Morale when the Shrink is present on cycle change.
  • Characters Icon Lying Down and affected by a psychological Icon Disorder are treated when a Shrink is present on cycle change.
    • Has a chance to remove the disorder.
    • Leaves a public log about the treatment's success.
    • Success can occur after between 2-7 cycles of treatment.
  • There is the possibility for a Mush Icon Lying Down in the same room as Icon Shrink to be revealed
    • Message that appears when a Mush is revealed: "...Doctor, everything was going well... until the Mush ruined my life..." The session went well, but the patiend won't shut up...