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Icon Defacer
Description: Your DNA allows you to modify certain peripheral data. This has potential!
  • For 2 Action Point, you can delete the log in a given room once per day. The log will start again automatically with the next cycle.
Learned by: Icon Mush 9 If Icon Mush: Only

Defacer is a skill introduced in Icon Episode III which allows the Icon Mush to completely wipe a room's action log and leave it wiped for the duration of the current cycle. Log recording resumes on the following cycle, and no logs prior to that, including private logs, will be visible.

A death in a room currently under the effect of Defacer will not trigger a NERON death announcement. But still warn about Fire(Icon Pyromaniac), PILGRED repair or killing Icon Schrödinger.

Icon TODO: What about dismantling a shower, trading, ...?

New Action

2 Action Point Clear logs

  • Target: None
  • Effect:
    • Completely wipes the room log and keeps it offline until the next cycle.
    • Some Neron announcements triggered in this room are also disabled until the end of the cycle.
  • Invisible
  • After applying Defacer and until the start of the next cycle, the logs tabs is void of anything but the message The archives are scrambled... Who's been messing with the sensors?! This message disappears at cycle change, and new logs resume as before.