Radio Pirate

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Icon Radio Pirate
Description: This method of prehistoric communication is overrated. Duly noted.
  • For 3 Action Point, you can jam communications of a player. This breaks the Walky-Talky and allows you to write in their place.
Learned by: Icon Mush 13 If Icon Mush: Only

While writing as another player you lose all of your emoticons, but unlock any that they have unlocked

Your ability to write as a player will cease when they write a message in public chat


Having the target gagged will not affect your ability to speak as them

The /neron command will not work if you take over the NERON admin persona

Your ability to speak as another player is only in public chats! In private chats and the Mush channel, you will still post as yourself.

Icon Bug: For unknown reasons, as of August 6th 2015, there is a confirmed bug where using this skill creates no logs when this skill is used, even with other players in the room. This also includes the private logs for a player's personal item being broken.