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Icon Botanist
Description: Capable of distinguishing the characteristics of the various plants and fruits. They are also equally effective when maintaining the garden.
  • Can read the fruit nutrition information.
  • Can read plant properties..
  • Can carry out transplants.
  • +2 Gardening Point per day (Gardening action points).
  • Expedition: The harvest action gives an additional fruit.
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects
Learned by: Icon Ian 1
Icon Hua 2
Icon Mage Book
If Icon Mush: Kept

Icon Ian's beginning skill, and one that he is usually expected to take. Besides making you the official gardener of the ship, it allows you to read the effects of fruit so you can tell your crew that it's totally safe to eat that weird alien eggplant - especially if you do not have a Icon Chef to do that.

Icon Hua can take this skill to assist with the plant caring and to find more fruits when going on expeditions.

Icon Mage Book candidates include Icon Stephen, who can then combine Cycle 8 gardening with some Cycle 1 cooking, Icon Chao or Icon Derek to give them something to do after the Mush hunt (Chao can combine this with Icon Survivalist) or Icon Paola to have her help out with large late-game gardens once she is done with her Comms work. Icon Eleesha would also be an option, but if she has her Icon Determined skill, that may be better combined with more difficult tasks, like those of a Icon Technician.

  • Try and use your Gardening Point for the more expensive tasks like treating diseases, while getting others to help you with simple watering.

Affected actions

More info Main article: Gardening.
2Action Point Plant it (Fruits)
1Action Point Water Plant (Plants)
2Action Point Treat Plant (Plants)

  • If any Gardening Point are available, 1 Gardening Point is used instead of Action Point.


2Action Point Participate (NERON's Core):

NERON project Extra Hydropots
NERON project Heat Lamps
NERON project Hydroponic Incubator

Affected items

Plant properties tooltip


  • Effects of consumption can be read.


  • Can view Fruit Productivity (fruit per day).
  • Can view O2 Productivity (oxygen per day).
  • Can view how many cycles are left before the plant matures.

General effects

  • Gains 2 Gardening Point per day, to a maximum of 4.
  • When on an Expedition, any number of fruit gained from Harvest events will be raised by 1. This effect stacks, if you have more than one botanist on the expedition.

New Action

Icon Confirm: Is it still possible to hybridize plants without being a botanist? If it is, this action should go to affected actions instead, and a new action on gardening should be created

1 Gardening Point / 2 Action Point Hybridize

  • Target: Plants when holding a fruit.
  • Effect: Try to graft a plant with a fruit. The plant is replaced with a new Plant youngling.pngYoung plant of the fruit's type.
    • Icon Note: Doesn't work if the botanist is Icon Dirty or the plant is either Plant thirsty.png thirsty, Plant dry.png dried out or Plant diseased.png diseased. If the graft fails, both fruit and plant will be destroyed (the Icon HydroPot remains).
  • Icon Public log: (success) What a relief, [Botanist] has successfully created a crossbreed of the [Fruit]. The little plant is doing great!
  • Icon Public log: (fail) What a relief... oh wait... [Botanist] has not succeeded in their attempt to crossbreed a [Fruit]. The little plant didn't grow and eventually died... Something must have contaminated the procedure.