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Icon Expert
Description: Your skills are impressive, but your disregard for your own safety is equally so!
  • Your chances of succeeding at a particular task are increased by 20% but so is the likelihood of injury and getting Icon Dirty.
Learned by: Icon Andie 5 If Icon Mush: Kept

Expert improves Icon Andie's success with any chance-based actions (notably all combat, repairs/dismantling, planet scans and fire fighting) but also increases his/her chances of accidental 2 Health Point injuries and becoming Icon Dirty.

It synergizes well with the Icon Pilot and Icon Astrophysicist skills, as shooting from a patroller and scanning both come with high base chances, but low to zero risk of dirtiness or injuries.

Icon Note: Success chance is a 1.2 multipler, not an additional 20% on top of base chances. Icon Confirm: Higher dirtiness/injury risk on non-chance actions?

General effects

  • Action success chances increased by 20%.
  • Chance of accidental injuries during actions increased by 20%.
  • Chance of becoming Icon Dirty during dirtying actions increased by 20%.