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Frieda is full, lying down, dirty, demoralized, mentally disturbed, ill... and pregnant.

In a game of Mush, characters can be affected by a plethora of Statuses either permanent or temporary.

Their icons are displayed in your character's portrait. Some are visible to other players when they click on your character, but others are not.


These statuses generally do not appear/affect you when you are a Icon Mush. Illnesses from before Icon Mush conversion are kept, but new ones cannot be contracted.

Status Cause Details In-game Description
Belly full.png Full Stomach Satisfaction is at 3 or above. Prevents you from eating more, you can't even use drugs. You've eaten a mountain of food. It's now impossible to ingest anything at all!
Starving.png Starving Satisfaction at 0 for over 24 cycles. You lose 1 Health Point per cycle. It's been a long time since you ate anything. Every cycle in which you don't eat will cost you 1 Health Point.
Demoralized.png Demoralized When Morale is 5 or less No effects. Removed by raising Morale above 5. You need to get a hold of yourself quick-smart. Morale is not good and that can cause you vital turns.
Suicidal.png Suicidal Dropping to 1 Morale Fatal Depression imminent unless Morale is raised. Even the sight of a plastic spoon gets you to thinking... find a way to get a hold of yourself.. and QUICK!
Disease.png Disease (Physical) Contracting an illness More info Main article: Illnesses.
Psy disease.png Disorder (Psychological)
Hurt.png Injury


These statuses are strictly limited to the Icon Mush.

Status Cause Details In-game Description
Mush.png Mush Being a Icon Mush Either by starting as Alpha Mush or being converted by other Mush. You have joined the Mush.
Spore.png Spores Carrying a Icon Spore Lists amount of Spores available to the character. A spore is used to infect other members of the crew.
Berzerk.png Berzerk Mutate action (3 Action Point). A berzerker can only move around, sabotage and attack. Berzerkers will drop all items they are carrying, they will not be able to do anything other than the 3 actions listed. You have changed. You now have a damage bonus. You also have the permanent status of Guardian.

Specific Statuses

This list features mainly permanent statuses only attainable by some characters in form of Traits and Skills.

Status Cause Details In-game Description
Icon Antisocial Icon Raluca's character trait
  • Loses 1 Morale upon cycle change if another character is present in the room.
  • Unable to flirt.
At the start of each cycle, if the Antisocial' character is in a room containing another crewmember, they'll lose a Morale point.
  • Room Log: These idiots just get in your way the whole time, seeing them waste their time on such pointless trifles causes you to fear the worst for the future of humanity...
Icon Disabled Icon Terrence's character trait
  • Uses no Movement Point for movement if another character is present in the room.
  • 2 Movement Point less gained in Action Point-Movement Point conversion.
Terrence gets 2 Movement Point less during conversions of Action Point-Movement Point. However, he can freely leave a room when it contains another crew member.
Icon Germaphobe Icon Finola's character trait You lose one morale (Morale) point for every cycle you remain dirty. You're also banned from stroking the cat.
Icon Hyperactive Icon Chao's character trait
  • +1 Movement Point per cycle.
  • No Action Point gain from lying down.
You earn one movement point per cycle. You don't earn any additional AP by lying down.
Icon Immunized Icon Chun's character trait
  • Immune to the Icon Mush.
  • Unlocks certain researches if present in Laboratory.
The Immunized cannot be infected by Icon Mush. Practical when you're not sure who to trust...
Icon Pacifist Icon Ian's character trait
  • Causes Aggressive actions in the room to cost 2 Action Point more.
Wherever you are, aggressive actions cost an additional 2 Action Point.
Genius idea.png Eureka Moment Activating Icon Genius More info Main article: Genius. Your next Research or Repair is successful.
Paria.png Outcast Targeted by Icon Victimizer More info Main article: Victimizer. 20% lower success chance on actions. Character's Icon Covert actions are Icon Secret.

General Statuses

This list features statuses common to gameplay, which can be attained by any character.

Status Cause Details In-game Description
Sleepy.png Inactive Having full Action Point and Movement Point gauges, and not logging in since. Success chance of aggressive actions against this character is boosted 1.5x. Kick them out! costs 1 Action Point less. If your Action Point gauges are full, you are considered inactive and become an easy target. Good luck then...
Noob.png Highly Inactive No activity for over 48 hours Same as inactive, but you also can be traded away from anywhere on the ship. You have been flagged as Highly Inactive, you have not logged in for 48h, you are penalizing the crew who have to deal with you.
Multi.png Multi-Teamster Two or more accounts from the same IP address logging in to the same ship. If you see someone with this status, there is no need to report or to contact the moderators. This status will automatically prevent the user from joining any future ships until they've cleared up the issue with moderators. Our sensors have detected that this crewmember has several parallel identities. Please encourage them to contact the SDF to resolve this situation.
Thinklinked.png Brainsync Decoding rebel base LUYTEN-CETI More info Main article: Communications. You are capable of brainsynching which allows you to dispense with the walkie-talkie.
Dirty.png Dirty Becoming Dirty More info Main article: Dirty. You are filthy and you stink... A quick spin under the shower wouldn't hurt. Take this chance to put on some deodorant.
Moduling.png Focused Accessing a Terminal More info Main article: Ship Equipment. You are currently accessing a terminal. You appear to be concentrating hard.
Guardian.png Guardian Using the Guard action When a Guardian is in the room, the visitor can only go back to where they came from.
Laid.png Lying down Using a Bed or Icon Swedish Sofa
  • You get an additional Action Point on cycle change when lying in bed.
  • Gives you 1 Morale at cycle change if Shrink is in the room.
You are lying down.
Gagged.png Gagged
  • You are muted and cannot communicate on the walkie-talkie channels.
  • A new action will appear allowing you to ungag yourself as long as you have at least 1ap available.
  • Does not affect Icon Leader ability to make Impassioned Speech.
Someone has had enough of your incessant whining.
Heavy.png Burdened Carrying Heavy objects such as the Icon Superfreezer
  • Movement between rooms costs 3 Movement Point.
  • Cancelled by Icon Solid.
You are carrying particularly heavy objects. Your movements will cost you more.
Pregnant.png Pregnant

8% chance when doing it as female character (not Icon Andie).

  • Immediate 8 Glory bonus.
  • If you die, the crew loses 2 Morale instead of 1.
  • Leads to various symptoms like Vomiting.
  • If impregnated by Icon Mush carrying Icon Spores, affected by an additional Icon Spore.
  • Icon Andie cannot get Pregnant, however can impregnate women.
You are expecting a happy event! This gives you a Glory bonus, and if you die, the Morale of the crew will be seriously affected.
Stuck in ship.png Stuck in the ship Expedition on O2-less planet without a working Icon Spacesuit You stay in the Icarus, not affected by or affecting any expedition events. (Except Icon Traitor.) You don't have the equipment necessary for the exploration of this planet. You stayed aboard the ship...
Stuck in planet.png Lost Victim of MIA expedition event
  • Unable to act until rescued.
  • Lose 1Morale each cycle
You missed the last trip out of this hole, and have been in better moods.