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Icon Devotion
Description: In the heat of the action, we can count on you
  • You earn an additional 3 Action Point when you accept a mission.
Learned by: Icon Andie 2 If Icon Mush: Kept

Devotion allows Icon Andie to gain a massive 6 Action Point from every Icon Commander-issued mission, making him/her the primary target for daily missions. As missions do not expire and can stack indefinitely, this opens up the interesting avenue of piling up many missions over the course of the ship and then blowing them all on one high-priority task.

As Andie is #3 on the Icon Communications Officer succession list, this can turn him/her into a communications powerhouse. It also vastly helps in catching up to Icon Finola's level of research competence when choosing Icon Polyvalent. Or makes for a dangerous Icon Mush.

The downside is that this relies on the Commander giving his missions exclusively to Andie for those extra 3 Action Point every day, which hampers their ability to help out in more flexible ways - a responsibility that will thus fall upon our devoted sub-lieutenant.

Affected actions

Accept (Icon Commander-given mission):

  • Action Point gains increased by 3.