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Icon Demoralize
Description: Mush pheromones do not allow direct communication but saturation can destabilize. You know how to take advantage of this.
  • For 2 Action Point you can cause a crewmate to lose 2 Morale.
Learned by: Icon Mush 4 If Icon Mush: Only

Demoralize is the level 4 Icon Mush skill that lets you drain a victim's morale, two Morale at a time.

The respective action is covert (can only be revealed by a camera) and aggressive, which is affected by Icon Ian's Icon Pacifist and Icon Chao's Icon Crazy Eye. Without a camera in the room, the victim will only receive a message saying they lost 2 morale (as often as you have used it). Note that you will not receive any notification when the target reaches zero Morale. Also, death by Fatal Depression only happens at the beginning of cycles.

Hint: Use that action just before day change and on people who haven't stayed with Janice for days. Ideally, you either know their morale or otherwise make sure they reach zero, as players will know what happened if they survive.

General effects

  • New action: 2 Action Point Buzzkill
    • Target: Other characters
    • Effect: The demoralized character will lose 2 Morale
    • Icon Private log: [user] approaches [target] furtively. After moving away again, [target]'s mood seems to drop rapidly...