Antique Perfume

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Icon Antique Perfume
Description: Ah yesh they knew how to make real perfumesh in Fraigonard'sh boutiquesh in Nineteen Shixty Shixsh...
  • Every time you shower, you will be immune from contaminations for 2 cycles.
Learned by: Icon Frieda 6 If Icon Mush: Kept

Using this skill makes Frieda temporarily gain the Immunized status and therefore become immune to all forms of spore transmission including 'Do the thing'.

Icon Frieda should not need to shower regularly, however, nor spend her time anywhere away from a Icon Camera (dorms and bridge are usually surveilled), so it will not be much of a benefit when used passively.

It can be useful if Icon Chun is inactive or dead to actively remove traps or eat dubious food. But acting as a Icon Mush bait is unrealistic, as they would have to be stupid enough to overlook the Icon Immunized Symbol.

Another use is to shower right before an expedition that carries the risk of mush traps, as any risk of infection would be negated while the skill is active.