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Icon Traitor
Description: You have developed an innate ability to attract misfortune. Look - a mankarog ... let's see what happens when we tickle it...
  • The probability of getting negative results on expeditions in which you participate are multiplied by two.
Learned by: Icon Mush 2 If Icon Mush: Only

This ability is passive, and functions even if the possessor is left on the Icarus (lacking a working spacesuit on a planet without oxygen). The effect does not stack with the presence of multiple Icon Traitors.

Combines well with Icon Survivalist to help survive the misfortune you cause. Otherwise, "accidentally" bringing a broken spacesuit is less suspicious than "forgetting" one, though both ought to be noted, especially if the expedition goes unusually badly.

Beware of Forests, Insects and especially Swamps, where negative events cause illness, which help to identify humans - or Mush.

The best use of this skill is definitely during desperate O2 supply runs, when the crew is forced to take bigger risks just to prevent asphyxiation. - Either to make sure those risky zones hit home, or to make the O2 pump itself fail (20% chance of no Oxygen with a Traitor on board).