NERON Depression

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Icon NERON Depression
Description: When NERON feels sick, it's the whole Daedalus that vomits.
  • For 3 Action Point, you cause NERON to randomly change its settings next round.
  • Can not switch off peace core setting Icon TODO: Can it switch it on if this setting switch off?
Learned by: Icon Mush 17 If Icon Mush: Only

While the changes are random, this skill comes with the advantage of working anywhere on the ship rather than requiring physical access to NERON, making it untraceable except for the Action Point use.

Most interesting for the random "crew lock", which may prevent people from working on Research or Neron, respectively, and the general chaos and suspicion it will cause.

NERON does display a warning at the beginning of the next cycle, though, so be mindful about people suspecting you if you also do other things around that time. (Better use it stealthily while somebody else moves...)

Infoicon.png As of an unconfirmed date the warning that NERON displays has been changed, new screenshot added to accommodate

An incomplete list of confirmed targets for settings scramble : Food destruction, Crew lock, Vocoder announcements, CPU priority, Magnetic net, Plasma shield.

Can be used even in same cycle (useless) multiple times. Icon TODO: are all settings changed, or some settings (other than DMZ) may randomly stay unchanged?

New action

3 Action Point Depress Neron

  • Target: None
  • Effect: Cause NERON to randomly change its settings next round.
  • Icon Secret log: [name] seems to be deep in conversation with... NERON. But what on earth could this two have to talk about?


Neron Depression Gallery.png
Depression Result.png
NERON warning about changes
Room log