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Icon Nurse
Description: Always ready to help
  • +1 Pa heal.png every day (Free healing action)
  • Can read properties of medicines
Learned by: Icon Chun 2

Icon Finola 3

If Icon Mush: Kept

Helps the members of the laboratory team when they need to patch up the exploration squad, or heal the crew from constantly falling ceilings. Icon Finola can already read medicine properties with her Medic skill, but it syncs so well with Nurse (use Pa heal.png to perform expensive surgeries) that you may want to combine them.

When having to choose, however, Icon Medic is far superior, as it gives you research bonuses as well as more effective healing, while Nurse by itself amounts to a mere 2 Action Point a day for a single heal (or 3 Action Point if you heal yourself).

Icon Chun can gain the ability to read the properties of medicines from this. But, being who she is, there is no reason for others who can to not just share that knowledge with her.