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Icon Self-sacrifice
Description: Certain particularly resilient people can withstand the unthinkable, but this comes at a cost.
  • When your morale reaches 0, you will not die, but lose one Health Point per cycle instead.
Learned by: Icon Janice 6 If Icon Mush: Unknown

Because she does not benefit from her own Icon Shrink skill, Icon Janice herself tends to have lower Morale than her crew mates unless she can "get together" with others (ideally Icon Jin Su who has a similar problem). While not particularly needed on a working ship, this can save a crew from losing their Shrink on top of taking a heavy Morale hit, like a Icon Mush attack that kills Icon Chun right before day change.

Icon TODO: Room logs, damage type(injure?) and more info need... like will mush take a damage with this skill if swap with Janice who got 0 morale left