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Icon Rebel
Description: Your links to the anti-mush resistance allow you to understand and decode rebel transmissions much quicker than any other radio expert.
  • Doubles your chances of contacting a rebel base.
Learned by: Icon Paola 5 If Icon Mush: Kept

A skill unique to Paola, this doubles your progress when decoding rebel bases, effectively saving half the Action Point you would have to spend on them for other things.

As it takes around 8-10 Action Point to decode each base, this amounts to 4-5 Action Point saved every time, for a theoretical maximum of ~30 Action Point for an unlucky Paola determined to decode every single one.

The same effect can be acquired by contacting Kivanç via the Xyloph DB, though, and the bonuses stack (+200% efficiency on decoding). While beneficial, this means that after finding Kivanç, the Rebel skill is much less important, as it then only saves 1-2 additional Action Point every time.

Also, an experienced Paola is likely to skip less worthwhile bases in favour of doing other things (like finding that bonus), in which case the skill may only be used on around 4 bases, for a mere 4-8 Action Point saved all game.

So while useful, a level 5 Paola definitely has more important skills at her disposal.