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Icon Solid
Description: You'll incur no penalties for carrying heavy objects. Also useful for hand-to-hand combat.
  • Your hand-to-hand attacks inflict one additional damage point
  • No penalties for carrying heavy objects.
  • Icon Undocumented: You can kick people out of a room.
Learned by: Icon Gioele 1

Icon Stephen 2

If Icon Mush: Kept

Solid allows you to beat people to death with your bare hands, giving you the same average damage as when using a Icon Knife (minus possible injuries). While it's not incredible, people are likely to underestimate how easily you can bash their face in.

The skill is also useful in that you can carry heavy items without becoming Icon Burdened. This allows you to move items like the Icon Microwave or Icon Superfreezer to where they are needed most, such as Icarus Bay or the nearest Icon Technician to repair or disassemble them. It also turns you into a prime candidate for carrying Icon Old Faithful outside of expeditions - if you can convince the crew to spare the scrap for it.

Being how food processing, expeditions and being badass are generally Icon Stephen's areas of expertise, this makes Solid arguably better suited to him than to Icon Gioele, who has it as his starting skill.

As of Episode III, Solid and Icon Wrestler characters can now boot a crewmember into an adjacent room for 2 Action Point (or 1 Action Point if the person is Icon Inactive). Their destination is random and cannot be controlled. This is useful for moving inactives to storage rooms, but also to quickly get rid of a Icon Pacifist or Guardian.pngGuardian.

Affected actions

1 Action Point Kick Off (Other characters)

  • Deals +1 Health Point damage, for 2-4 Health Point unless Icon Wrestler as well.

General effects

  • Grants immunity from the Icon Burdened status.
  • New action: 2 Action Point Kick them out !
    • Target: Other characters
    • Effect: Throws the target character into a random adjacent room.
    • Icon Public log: Icon [Solid] has put [target] through the door. It's like The Shining in here, someone get a cleanup crew over here!