Fungal Kitchen

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Icon Fungal Kitchen
Description: A fine example of the fine cuisine of Sol.
  • You can create a Boobytrapped Ration by mixing a Spore and one Ration using 1 Action Point.
Learned by: Icon Mush 1 If Icon Mush: Only

Fungal Kitchen is one of the earliest staples of Icon Mush deception, and unique in that it's one of the few ways they can contaminate a character with several Icon Spores at once, as there's no limit to how many spores can be contained in a single consumable.

Due to its Invisible privacy level, the action leaves no room logs, even under a camera. However, as humans do not initially trust rations fetched by others, it is advisable to either generate some form of trust before delivering contaminated rations, or to spore consumables sitting on shelves that you think someone (other than Icon Chun) will eat eventually.

Be advised, however, that the action can still be detected by action-revealing skills such as Icon Torturer and Icon Confident.

As with Icon Trapper, advantages of ths skill are that victims will always be active and immediately able to pick Icon Anonymush, and that it can create new Mush even after you are dead and the ship was confirmed Mush-free. The delay can also be a disadvantage, though, as is the difficulty to spore a specific target.

General effects

  • New action: 1 Action Point Contaminate
    • Requires: 1 Icon Spore
    • Target: Any consumable (Icon Standard Ration, Icon Cooked Ration, Icon Alien Steak, Icon Coffee, fruit or pills)
    • Effect: Contaminates the target consumable. All Icon Spores in a contaminated item will be transferred to the consuming character.
      • Cooking a contaminated Icon Standard Ration will remove the Spores.
      • The Spores are wasted if eaten by Icon Chun or another Icon Mush.
      • Item contamination status is visible to Icon Mush.
      • Contaminated items in a stack will automatically be picked up first.
    • Invisible: No log