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Icon Politician
Description: Either they are with you or against you.
  • Unique: For 3 Action Point vyou(sic) can declare a Coup at the Nexus. On next cycle, NERON will consider as the new commander.
Learned by: Icon Kuan Ti 6 If Icon Mush: Kept

A Politician has the ability to stage a coup on the Daedalus. Once the respective action has been performed, the player will become the Icon Commander upon the next cycle change (or, if the ship is not yet full at that time, when titles are first assigned). The position is held for the rest of the game or until the player dies, at which point the old hierarchy is restored.

Needless to say, this is a very dangerous skill in Icon Mush hands, as it gives them another way of moving the ship to abandon an exploration team or fighter pilots to their deaths (besides using the less reliable Icon Hacker Kit or setting up a Icon Transfer into the acting Commander). Two more, in fact, if you count taking over Icon Kuan Ti's body first.

  • This basically forces away teams to take any existing or potential Politician along in addition to the acting Commander whenever they start an expo, launch only at times that will let them come back before a cycle change, or at least guard the rear/front corridor to restrict NERON/Bridge access.

On the other hand Politician can be a useful tool for the human team to relieve an unwilling or incapable Commander of his duties without killing them or waiting for inactivity to kick in. Or to perform an important action at a critical moment when, for some reason, the Commander is not expected to be there in time.

In any case, it can be expected that this skill is only picked when it is about to be used. - Do not trust a KT with inexplicably open skill slots.

New action

3 Action Point Coup !

  • Requires: NERON Core
  • Effect: NERON will consider you as the commander starting from next cycle.
    • Single Action: can only be performed once per game.
    • You might become Icon Dirty unless you are wearing the Icon Stainproof Apron.
  • Icon Public log: Kuan Ti is going through an argument with NERON. Who knows what they can scheme about...

Additional effects

This action is used on NERON's Core terminal.


This skill was added in Episode 5.

Ingame tooltip
A politician Mush doing his thing.