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Icon Panic
Description: Seeing the Mush take over his beloved ship drives Gioele to his limits.
  • Gives 1 Action Point and 1 Movement Point in each cycle in which at least half the crew are Mush.
Learned by: Icon Gioele 5 If Icon Mush: Lost

Supposedly this only happens when the crew counter shows that many Icon Mush - if not, it can be useful to give away Icon Anonymush if the bonus kicks in while there are officially less than 50%, like when the mush are trying a covert takeover. (Icon TODO: Missing information.)

A skill you hope you will never have to use, and when you can, the game is as good as lost. But if you can have four skills, this one might just tip the scales in such a critical situation.

This skill can be used in a casting game with cooperative mush, then if Gioele stay human, we can have a very great capacity of energy, and even more with Icon Caffeine Junkie.