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Icon Survivalist
Description: The Survivalist is great to have on exploration missions. They can defend themselves more effectively against extra-terrestrial life forms and generally deal with these encounters better than anyone else.
  • Expedition : All damage is reduced by one point.
  • Expedition : The action Provision gives one additional steak.
  • Expedition : Last to die if a team fatality occurs.
Learned by: Icon Chao 2

Icon Frieda 3 Icon Hua 3

If Icon Mush: Kept

Survivalist is handy mostly for the additional Alien Steak gains — your crew will appreciate the extra rations!

It can also be used to save some of your own Health Point, which could make a difference on longer expos. It will reduce 1 Health Point of your personal damage on a expedition per event. Other crew members do not benefit.

Most crews avoid possible instant death scenarios, so it tends to be rarely used for these, yet if you do encounter them (Mankarogs or Seismic Activity; Volcanoes kill everyone), you will be happy to have it. Beware, however, that it will increase the chances of death for the other explorers, including potential Diplomats.

Also, this skill will always be a point in favour of sending you on an expedition rather than somebody else, which will help your personal Glory, especially so if you are Icon Hua or Icon Stephen.

A good skill for a Icon Traitor, both for being taken along and for surviving the misfortune you cause.