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Icon Gunner
Description: At least someone will show them how it's done
  • Double the damages from you turret shoots.
  • Double the odd of touching ennemies with turrets.
Learned by: Icon Paola 6 If Icon Mush: Kept

A trained Gunner has the ability to use the notoriously inefficient Turrets rather effectively, doing increased damage at an increased chance of hitting their targets. (In fact it quadruples their efficiency.)

This allows a Icon Paola who is done with Communications or an apprenticed Icon Stephen to be an additional hand in defending the ship, especially in combination with other buffs like the Icon Invertebrate Shell and skills like Icon Shooter.

Ammunition issues aside, this can at times prove superior to a Icon Pilot going through take-offs and landings. In fact, having one or two Gunners on board may warrant getting NERON project Rerouted Charges.

Affected actions

1Action Point Shoot

  • Increases success chance by 100% (From base 30% to 60%)
  • Increases damage by 100% (From base 2-4 to 4-8)


This skill was added in Episode 5.

The tooltip was probably meant to say "Doubles the damage from your turret shots." and "Doubles the odds of hitting enemies with turrets."

Gunner Tooltip.png